BPS is exploring full-time ‘virtual school’ option for 2021-2022 – Boston 25 News

BOSTON – Boston Public Schools are looking to make distance learning a permanent option for students over the next school year. The district emailed parents on Wednesday to gauge the level of interest in a full-time virtual school option “to understand demand for planning purposes.”

The email contained a link to a survey.

“BPS is just starting to explore this option and will provide more information once we look at the answers. This is the first step in understanding the level of interest in our community, ”said a spokesperson for BPS in an email to Boston 25 News.

“If BPS adopts a virtual school model, that would be an option for families. The district will not be completely remote and will offer in-person learning to students next year, ”the spokesperson said.

The district told parents that the experience of a virtual school would be similar to attending a physical school building, with a virtual classroom, BPS teachers, a principal and “rigorous instruction.” Students would be provided with computers and Internet access, according to the email.

Any virtual school option will still need to be approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the district said.

Proposals for a single-district virtual school must be submitted to DESE by May 6.

“Several municipalities have expressed their interest. We have not yet received a proposal from Boston, ”said a spokesperson for DESE.

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Boston Teachers Union president Jessica Tang said she supports the proposal and is working with the district on the finer details.

“I think they’re trying to get a feel for how many families might be interested in this,” Tang said. “We have heard from parents who have said that their students have actually done very well from a distance. They still have concerns about the drop due to the lack of accessibility of vaccines for students under 16. “

Dr John Sargent, chief of child and adolescent psychiatry at Tufts Children’s Hospital, said some students may thrive in distance learning.

“Maybe your child is being bullied. Maybe they are shy and school is a stressful experience for them and they are still learning very well. You want to make sure they thrive in whatever ways you care about, ”said Dr. Sargent.

But he admits that national data on the long-term effects of virtual learning “is not great.”

Reyani Miles, a 5th year student in Dorchester, said she actually preferred to learn at home during the pandemic, but there is a lot about school that she would miss.

“I would miss my friends, I would miss Field Day. I would miss the things you can’t do at home, ”said Miles.

West Roxbury’s mother Shelia said the virtual school would not be the right choice for her children, a high school freshman and a junior.

“My thing is, they lack the connection to the teachers. It’s hard to get a virtual connection with a teacher, ”Shelia said.

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Raffles Singapore’s New Virtual Interactive Game Will Help You Beat Zoom Fatigue

Over the past year, the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the global travel industry has challenged hotels around the world to devise creative ways to engage past and future guests remotely.

Raffles Hotel Singapore answered the call (and more) with a completely original experience this spring. Earlier this month, he unveiled a one-of-a-kind virtual interactive piece, “The Curious Case of the Missing Peranakan Treasure,” an intriguing thriller set against the epic backdrop of Singapore’s iconic Grand Lady. Until June 30, viewers can participate in the mystery wherever they are or immerse themselves in its twists and turns on the property through experiences exclusive to the legendary hotel.

Viewers assume the role of detective, tasked with solving the riddle of Peranakan’s treasure – a priceless silver jewelry box and the centerpiece of a fictional on-site exhibit, whose nocturnal disappearance from its lobby perch triggers the events. which ensue. After brief introductions to the cast of characters – the secrets of which are revealed as the action unfolds – you’ll piece together clues as you explore the hotel’s hallowed halls amid overheard conversations and revealing flashbacks.

The show, written by award-winning playwright Jean Tay and directed by critically acclaimed actor / director Hossan Leong, skillfully weaves the incomparable story and sparkling grandeur of the Raffles into the narrative. By clicking on the highlighted dots on the property map, you’ll observe conversations between the characters in a range of elegant rooms and public spaces, including the Writers Bar, the Sir Stamford Raffles Presidential Suite, and even the cages of ‘service staircase. The objects in the scenes – a grand piano, a bottle of liquor, a palm tree – sparkle and shine in invitation; with another click, you’re instantly transported 50 years back to glean the details of a story – involving cursed romance and other fateful events – that spawned a similar theft and set the stage for the current action.

Limited-time ‘daycation’ and ‘staycation’ packages celebrate the production, tempting guests with an actual tour of the 19e-the landmark of the century. After your virtual step into history from the comfort of one of the hotel’s lavish suites, you’ll leave your computer behind and check out across the property to unearth missing loot. the path.

Those who manage to solve the mystery (hint: it’s harder than you might think) can win prizes ranging from electronic vouchers for the Raffles store to nifty merchandise to a chic and timeless afternoon tea for two in the great hall. All successful mystery solvers also earn a chance to win an overnight stay in a charming Palm Court Suite.

Shot entirely on location at Raffles Hotel Singapore, the virtual theatrical experience combines immersive 360-degree views, surround sound, and augmented reality choice-based capabilities that let you decide the sequence of the story unfolding, all skillfully assembled by a technology company Xctualité. Tickets cost $ 38; visit SISTIC and the hotel website for details.

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dvm360® Presents Second Live Virtual Interactive Conference Experience in May 2021

Fetch Virtual, a dvm360® The conference will deliver the ultimate 360-degree educational experience of pre-recorded, live and interactive sessions covering a wide range of critical veterinary topics in 2021. With over 60 distinguished veterinary thought leaders and a collection of over 40 tracks, the participants will return to their practices ready to provide the best possible care to the animals. Veterinary professionals will have the opportunity to earn nearly 200 high quality CE credit hours over three days.

During this virtual conference, dvm360® does not allow any animal to be left behind. Highlights of the conference include feline medicine, horses, poultry, emergency medicine, dentistry, zoological medicine and more. Participants can access recorded sessions on demand for two weeks after the conference for the convenience of learning at their own pace. To view the full agenda, click here.

The conference will also include keynote addresses from Brandy duhon, DVM; Pam hale, DMV, MBA; and Molly mcallister, DVM, MPH. Each of these female leaders has left an incredible mark on the veterinary profession and will share their compelling stories of leadership, diversity and overcoming obstacles.

Participants will also have the opportunity to network and get together with friends and colleagues, classmates, connect and interact with sponsors, explore products in the virtual showroom and participate to mental and physical well-being activities, all at your fingertips.

“This is truly the championship event of our Fetch Virtual Conferences. You name the species and we have what you need. We wanted to celebrate our profession and the animals we are honored to care for – small animals. , mixed animal medicine, exotic, backyard poultry, and small mammal medicine.In addition, we wanted to make sure we had the necessary conversations about wellness, leadership, diversity, inclusion and l “fairness in our profession. This conference makes me proud to call myself a veterinarian,” added Adam christman, DVM, MBA, the chief veterinarian of dvm360®.

For more information and to register for the virtual conference, click here.

About dvm360®
The leading multimedia content provider in the veterinary market, dvm360® has been in business for over 50 years. It provides readers with premium digital and print content that focuses on all aspects of the life of a veterinary professional. In addition, dvm360® hosts continuing education (CE) conferences that provide a 360-degree educational engagement experience for veterinary professionals. These conferences include several Fetch dvm360® conferences and the Atlantic Coast Veterinary Conference®, EC events that have been a staple in the veterinary community for decades. dvm360® is a trademark of MJH Life Sciences ™, the largest private, independent, full-service medical media company in North America, dedicated to disseminating reliable healthcare information across multiple channels.

dvm360® Media contact
Alexandra Ventura, 609-716-7777
[email protected]

SOURCE dvm360®

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LCS opens enrollment for Leon County Virtual School and hopes for more in-person participation

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) – After almost a year of digital learning for some Leon County students, parents are once again having to decide whether they want to learn in person or online.

The Digital Academy is no longer on the agenda for the 2021-2022 school year, making the Leon County Virtual School the only distance learning option.

“I am comfortable with the return of my son,” said Alasha Keels.

Keels’ son attends Rickards High School and returned to in-person learning as soon as he was available after the start of the pandemic.

Keels said the digital academy didn’t work well for him and the classroom suited him better.

“So many kids and parents have gone for virtual learning, so he doesn’t have more than six people in a class right now,” Keels said.

For those who might struggle with the digital academy, LCVS may not be the best option.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna said the virtual school, which has been around for a while, is different from what it might have looked like last year online.

“There isn’t as much live teaching. It’s very rigorous. So it won’t be like they’re used to in the digital academy,” Hanna said.

As more people receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Hanna said he hopes more students will return to the classroom.

“We would like to put them all face to face, brick and mortar, standing and delivering, which we do best,” Hanna said.

This spring, the district sent letters to more than 2,000 poorly performing students online urging them to come back.

And Leon’s students are already getting ready for face-to-face classes.

Some students at Sail High School receive their vaccines, so they are protected in the fall.

“Being safer going to school and all because it’s really a concern, going to school and then having family around me,” said Ava Tillman, who received her vaccine on Tuesday. .

As thousands of parents decide what is best for their children.

The deadline for deciding ends May 30, you can also notify your school if your child is going back to brick and mortar.

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Thousands of Miles From Each Other, Parishioners Pray Together During Virtual Good Friday Services | Calcutta News

Calcutta: The city’s church halls echoed with prayers as Good Friday services took place in the afternoon. The faithful attended in large numbers and efforts were made to distance them socially. Services in Hindi and Bengali were held in different halls of the church so that there was no overcrowding. In addition, many churches have arranged to broadcast the services on the web so that the elderly can join virtually. Many have described this as a positive that the pandemic has helped bring since last year.
Many began with a ritual visit to the seven churches in the early hours of the morning. Dressed in black to signify mourning and grief, they moved from church to church on foot (many were barefoot as tradition dictates), touring the seven churches of their choice. The number seven signifies the seven holy places related to the arrest and trial of Jesus.
Besides the two main cathedrals in the city – the Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary, the main church of Catholics where Archbishop Thomas D’Souza was the main celebrant and Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the main church of the Church of the North India – others Churches that saw high attendance were St Thomas, Middleton Row, St Mary’s Ripon Street, Prabhu Jishu Girja, Wellington, St Anthony’s Chapel Market Street, Christ the King Church at Park Circus, Church of the Sacred Heart in Dharamtalla, Church of Our Lady of Vailankanni in Picnic Gardens, Union Chapel on Lenin Sarani and St Thomas Church on Free School Street. Bishop Paritosh Canning has chosen to move to smaller churches for the Good Friday service this year and to read Mass at St Thomas Church, Howrah and St Peter’s Church, Behala.
“I toured the seven churches and then watched the Passion service live from the Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary where the Archbishop spoke,” said educator Janet Gasper Chowdhury. “I am overwhelmed by mixed feelings of sadness and hope. When the Bible passages are read to relive the suffering of Jesus, it is too overwhelming, ”said Monica Vincent, another educator. “Jesus died with all the pain and suffering in his stride and still asked for forgiveness. Pray for such resilience, ”said Vicar General Dominic Gomes.

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