MeetMo selected to produce a virtual interactive experience for Cine Gear Expo attendees

With COVID-19 and its variants forcing live events to rethink their approach to programming, Cine Gear Expo, the premier event for the tech, entertainment and media industries, turned to MeetMo, which collaborates with Expo on a hyper creative solution that will virtualize the physical experience of the show for remote participants.

Remote attendees will be able to participate in a fully immersive experience during the Expo, which runs September 24-25 virtually from the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 360-degree multi-channel experiences produced by MeetMo will include exhibits, presentations of new products and services, free seminars from industry leaders, master classes, film competitions and an awards ceremony.

Cine Gear Expo is the largest and most important event of its kind in the United States and annually attracts more than 16,000 attendees from more than 60 countries, giving artists and technicians the opportunity to experience cutting-edge technology.

“MeetMo was contacted by Cine Gear Expo to provide a solution with our remote collaboration platform, which has been used by some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies, studios and independent productions,” said Johan Romero , Chief Technology Officer of MeetMo. “Due to time constraints and COVID, MeetMo decided to change the traditional streaming format from broadcasting to personalized interactive and two-way user experiences in real time, using our native cloud platform. “

Romero said MeetMo will use 5G and private cellular for two-way broadcasting. This allows production to be wireless throughout the living room without being affected by the congestion of thousands of other cellular subscribers.

MeetMo will connect the highest quality American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) and International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) remote presentations with ultra-low latency. These full-power, wireless presentations are made possible through MeetMo and Sony’s partnership on creating a fully integrated, wireless live collaboration system. Using the Sony Xperia Pro’s direct HDMI input – the only one in the world – from the MeetMo platform, it is possible to capture, stream and share from anywhere in the world with any team on the planet.

Most wireless operations only work between 100 feet and a maximum of 3000 feet and are not effective at transmitting through buildings and densely saturated wireless signals. MeetMo’s integrated solutions with Sony enable an all-in-one encoder, streaming solution and cellular and wifi link.

In other words, Romero said, the technology that goes into production is much more involved than the average Zoom appeal.

“Together with our partners at MeetMo, we are proud to offer online access to visitors from all over the world,” said Juliane Grosso, General Manager and Director of Cine Gear Expo. “During event hours, guests can log into the Cine Gear website and experience the show firsthand. Through the portal, one can surf the exhibitions, have the opportunity to view material, ask questions via the chat function, attend the main seminars that take place during the live event and watch the screenings. the finalists of the film competition and the results of the after-party with the winners. ”

MeetMo simplifies remote collaboration and video production for content creators. Its cloud native platform efficiently connects the highest quality teams with ultra-low latency – anytime, anywhere in the world, allowing users to extend video villages beyond a set. close.

While other video conferencing platforms are designed to share business plans and spreadsheets, MeetMo was designed and built specifically for the creative process, which demands the highest resolution, real-time collaboration, ease of use and fast, efficient, wireless connectivity.

Appreciated and trusted by industry leaders, MeetMo’s technology allows users to stream through any camera to anyone, from a nearby location to thousands of miles away. Teams of two to 100 people can collaborate simultaneously in real time beyond any video conferencing application or wireless technology.

Users can create an entire ecosystem of virtual production offices, including producers, writers and costume rooms, as well as panel rooms tailored to the needs of a production. In addition, users can create personalized experiences to drive a brand attached to production.

In other words, MeetMo doesn’t just facilitate remote production; it uses remote production to push boundaries, test concepts in real time and explore the potential of true mobility.

To learn more about MeetMo and to sign up for a 40% discount and start creating, visit

About MeetMo
MeetMo was founded by an award-winning team of technologists with decades of experience, from camera technology to visual effects and post-production. MeetMo’s tools were designed to work faster, cheaper and more efficiently. MeetMo promises to always listen to the needs of the community and learn how it can continually add value.

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The Highpoint shopping center hosts a series of virtual masterclasses for the school holidays – Shopping Center News

Back by popular demand, the Highpoint Mall Virtual Masterclass Series Highpoint Academy will once again offer fun and interactive cooking, science, craft and dance activities for kids during the school holidays – from the comfort of their own homes via Highpoint’s Instagram TV channel.

Created for children aged five to 12, the two-week masterclass series will include four easy-to-follow masterclass videos posted every Monday and Thursday with their corresponding worksheets and study guides downloadable from the Highpoint website. All the necessary utensils can be found easily at home or at the local supermarket.

In addition to the video master classes, free on-the-go activity packs will be available for pickup at the Highpoint Academy booth located in the Highpoint Fresh Food District. The packs will rotate every other day with fun additions to the online videos to keep the kids entertained.

“We are delighted to once again host the second season of our popular digital school vacation program; Academy of High Places. A mix of virtual masterclasses designed to stimulate creativity, imagination, and hands-on play is complemented by collectable activity packs that families can pick up while shopping for essentials. It’s convenient for parents and ensures that kids can still experience the magic of school vacations, ”said Rachel Duggan, GPT Regional Managing Director.

The program gives customers the option to connect with Highpoint during lockdown

This year’s masterclass series will welcome new and old hosts including pastry stars Alice Bennet (@Misstrixiedrinkstea) and Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes), scientist and founder of SciencePlay Kids, Dr Loz, mother and daughter artists Darcy and Brodie from See Make Play and local Hip-Hop King Jack May.

Kids will enter the magical world of science from home with Dr. Loz, as she turns everyday household items like milk in the fridge into a thrilling and lasting experience. All Highpoint Academy masterclasses, downloadable activities and take-out packs are free to the community.

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RSPCA Victoria joined by Tom Mitchell as they launch virtual education sessions during school holidays

With the school holidays kicking off today, RSPCA Victoria has engaged AFL legend Tom Mitchell to help spread the word about DIY dog grooming as part of a series of dog grooming sessions. fun, informative and interactive virtual education for the whole family to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

Starting September 21, the virtual session program covers everything from caring for injured small animals and wild animals to more in-depth training courses covering topics such as cat and dog behavior and first aid skills for pets, dispensed by industry experts.

A highlight will be a special DIY dog grooming tutorial with RSPCA Ambassador Victoria, AFL Brownlow medalist, and recently announced as Hawthorn’s best and fairest player, Tom Mitchell. Along with his two dogs, Tom will be joined by grooming expert Natalie West of the igroom hub, who will provide dog owners with basic grooming tips that can easily be done at home.

The RSPCA Victoria understands how important it is for dog owners to keep their dogs clean and mat free during lockdown and believe this course will be perfect for teaching dog owners the basic skills they need to keep the dog safe. their dogs’ coats in good condition if they are unable to undertake their regular grooming regimen.

RSPCA Victoria CEO Dr Liz Walker says: “Grooming is not only for cosmetic reasons, but is also important for well-being. Grooming prevents and removes sore mats and can help with ticks, fleas, and molting, so having the option to take this course will give people the basic skills they need to easily maintain a healthy coat. their dog at home.

Visit for reservations

The following sessions will be offered:

Pocket Pet Care and Enrichment – Date: September 21 – Cost: FREE RSPCA experts host an interactive live session that provides education to keep your rabbits and guinea pigs happy, healthy and thriving, including vital information on the specific needs of small animals in terms of nutrition, shelter, exercise and health, common veterinary care problems and enrichment. Book here:

What To Do With Wildlife – Date: September 22 – Cost: FREE Join RSPCA Victoria in partnership with wildlife experts from Wildlife Victoria in an informative session on Australia’s beautiful wildlife, including how to care for any injured wildlife they might find. Book here:

Dog Grooming for Beginners – Date: September 23 – Cost: $ 26 Learn all about how to keep your pooch well groomed while in confinement! This course teaches dog owners the valuable basic skills they need to keep their dog clean, groomed, and mat free until they can secure a groomer appointment! We will be joined by special guest and Brownlow medalist Tom Mitchell, as groomer Natalie West gives Tom tips on how to groom his dogs at home. Book here:

Cat Behavior Basics – Date: September 27 – Cost: $ 26 Become an expert in feline behavior with this special Q&A session with our Resident Animal Behavior Consultant, Jade Currie, which gives you the opportunity to address your cat’s unique behavioral issues, to get the best out of them and keep them happy and healthy. Book here:

Pet First Aid – Date: September 28 – Cost: $ 26 This is one of our most popular courses for teens, where they will learn essential skills from our experts on how to care for a pet. pet in an emergency situation, including how to respond and maintain safety while helping an injured pet, common pet emergencies during warmer months, dressing wounds, performing treatments rescue and other vital skills. Book here:

Dog Behavior Basics – Date: September 29 – Cost: $ 26 Perfect for aspiring dog whisperers, this course provides vital information on understanding a dog’s behavior and features a question-and-answer session with the expert in canine behavior, Jade Currie. Book here:

Get Cucking – Date: September 30 – Cost: $ 39 With chickens becoming an increasingly popular pet, this course provides participants with training on how to take good care of them, including nutrition, housing, enrichment, safe handling as well as information on egg production and providing an enriched living environment for chickens Book here:

Keeping Cats Thriving Indoors – Date: October 1 – Cost: FREE Participants will learn all about the lurking outdoor dangers a cat can face, as well as strategies for keeping your beloved feline friends happy and healthy inside. Find out how to transition your outdoor cat to an indoor life in the smoothest way possible and keep them entertained and mentally stimulated. Book here:

/ Public distribution. This material is from the original organization / authors and may be ad hoc in nature, edited for clarity, style and length. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author (s). See it in full here.

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San Diego Virtual School Brings Better Student and Parent Experience with New Website | New

SAN DIEGO, September 16, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The San Diego Virtual School, known for its innovative approach to online learning for middle and high school students, recently unveiled a major redesign of its website. The result is a more student and family friendly site, according to Principal Diahann Mathis.

“This site will be the ultimate destination for our SDVS families to get the latest happenings and events within the school, as well as important resources for the online student,” Mathis said.

The website redesign implements school blocks. This leading web platform offers users integration with Google apps like Files and Classroom, as well as ADA compliant technology.

The San Diego Virtual School is a public charter school that provides free, personalized education to San Diego County college and high school students. The school’s mission is to help all students develop the academic and life skills they need to be successful in the future. To fulfill this mission, the San Diego Virtual School’s online programs provide students with more flexibility and opportunities and a more positive learning environment than is typical in a traditional classroom.

The innovative curriculum includes both asynchronous (self-paced homework) and synchronous (everyone learns together) opportunities. Lessons are presented through several types of technology modalities, including video, audio, screen sharing, and interactive tutorials. Experienced, specialized California– qualified teachers provide online courses in six areas: English, mathematics, science, foreign languages, social sciences, and physical and health education. Constant, live support from educators, including one-on-one tutoring, allows students to thrive. The school also offers a diverse portfolio of professional and technical education backgrounds for students interested in career development in industries ranging from hospitality to criminal justice.

Enrollment is open to any local student, 18 years of age or younger, looking for a safe and stable environment in which to continue their studies. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and meets University of california Admission requirements for the AG course.

Students who wish to enroll can start by filling out a brief online form at A school representative will contact you to explain the next steps.

To learn more about the San Diego Virtual School, please visit

About the San Diego Virtual School:

The San Diego Virtual School, a personalized education facility, provides distance learning opportunities for high school and high school students residing in San Diego County. Their innovative approach involves caring teachers, high quality lessons, flexible access, proven technology, constant support, essential life skills and a true high school diploma.

To learn more, visit

Media contact

Diahann Mathis, San Diego Virtual School, +1 619-713-7271, [email protected]

SOURCE San Diego Virtual School

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Edwards AFB chaplains to test CAP partnership and virtual services> Edwards Air Force Base> News


The leadership of the 412th Test Wing announced a partnership with the Civil Air Patrol to provide more chaplains to the Wing and to test a new virtual reality-based advisory platform at Edwards Air Force Base, in California, September 10.

“At Edwards, we’re testing planes and equipment, and now we’re going to test chaplains and software,” said Col. Randel Gordon, vice-commander of 412 TW.

Gordon met with leaders of the California Wing of CAP to mark the announcement. The partnership is a test program the two organizations hope to replicate between other Air Force bases and CAP Wings to illustrate the concept of “total force.”

“When this happened I was like ‘Wow’ I never even imagined we could do this,” said Gordon, a former CPA member himself. “I thought it was working really well. When we say “total strength” we really mean… it’s the same thing, all the way through.

The partnership allows the CAP to provide their chaplains to the base. As an auxiliary to the air force, the CAP provides emergency service support to local and national agencies. The CAP also offers opportunities for aerospace education and cadet programs.

“What’s really unique about this is on the chaplain’s side; it’s a human design we’ve never done before, ”said Major Michael Morison, California Wing Chaplain, CAP. “Several chaplains integrated into the RSP (Religious Support Plan) and software side, by providing new pastoral software; we’re really excited to be a part of it all.

The current wing chaplains are delighted that the partnership is increasing their staff. Chaplain allocations are based on the number of Airmen in uniform at a facility, regardless of the number of civilians assigned to them, according to Captain Wilson Joa Yu, a chaplain with the 412th TW.

Joa Yu added that the new partnership will also benefit chaplains professionally.

“What I look forward to is to glean their experience in exercising their ministry while serving members of the Civilian Air Patrol,” said Joa Yu.

The newly announced pastoral software will allow Airmen and civilians to access their chaplains from anywhere and anonymously if they choose. The software platform is developed by Even Health and is called “Third Room”. The platform is a virtual space using virtual reality to provide on-demand spiritual and non-spiritual counseling and experiences in prayer, meditation and mental resilience training, according to David Black, co-founder and CEO of Even Health. Additionally, it is also able to provide users to chaplains in an anonymous environment using on-screen avatars.

Black was on hand to provide training for the third room. Even Health’s involvement started as an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project and has now entered the testing phase.

“They wanted to bring this new initiative, launch something new and test it and so being a part of that is exciting,” said Captain Annamae Taubeneck, 10 Squadron chaplain, CAWG, CAP, and also one of the new Edwards AFB. alternate chaplain.

“What better place to test it than Edwards?” I mean this is the proving ground for the entire Air Force, this is the place to be, ”Taubeneck said.

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Breakout Malaysia partners with Beverly Group for an interactive virtual tour of the condos

Throughout the MCO, property tours have rotated online. Some real estate developers, agencies or tenants offer either video tours or virtual 360 ° viewings as well as their advertisements on the real estate markets.

Instead of going the conventional route, Singaporean developer Beverly Group (Beverly) collaborated with Breakout to gamify the property viewing experience. It is intended to present their new serviced apartment, ONE EQUINE in Seri Kembangan, KL.

The game is called LINDA and works similar to Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch on Netflix, with the addition of puzzles. Players select controls that influence the course of the story.

From what we know, this is the first real estate developer in Malaysia to publicly offer such a virtual viewing experience. The goal is to help clients understand ONE EQUINE’s project offerings while keeping them safe and entertaining from their homes.

On September 11, LINDA launched and we at Vulcan Post had a chance to review it.

Choose your own story

While I wasn’t able to try Breakout’s Live Online Escape Room with my colleagues last year, I would say I’ve had a lot of experience with Choice Your Own Netflix Story offerings.

I replayed Bandersnatch a few times (to look at all possible scenarios) and realized how bad my survival skills were in Bear Grylls’ You vs. Wild.

LINDA was filmed with live actors inside ONE EQUINE’s show unit, where video production and software development were involved to roll out the experience. It is able to host up to 100 players per 40-minute session on its server, and the team monitors registration rates.

A screenshot from the LINDA trailer / Image credit: Breakout X Beverly Group

Without giving too much away, LINDA’s premise follows a girl, who calls herself Linda, on her quest to save her “dying relationship” with her lover, Thomas.

Players choose Linda’s actions and solve a few puzzles along the way to help break into Thomas’ house, plant a gift, and escape unnoticed. You are encouraged to have note-taking materials (pen and paper work best, but stylus and device also work) on standby before the game to jot down some clues provided.

While you have the power to choose, the final action is always determined by majority vote. For example, if 51/100 players voted to have the actor hide behind a sofa, the actor’s final action would be to hide behind the sofa.

An example of the choices you would see on screen / Image Credit: Breakout X Beverly Group

The puzzles in LINDA revolve around decoding number-centric access codes and were actually quite difficult for my colleague and I to solve. (Forgive us, we didn’t patronize the numbers much after graduating years ago.)

I would blame the anxiety for watching a 5 minute countdown for your answers to be submitted. But by letting my partner try one of the puzzles after the game, he solved it pretty quickly without having to write anything down on paper.

Although my colleague and I couldn’t solve the puzzles, the game wouldn’t stop if you got the wrong answer. However, you also won’t know if you are right or wrong until the session ends.

In a way, it made it seem like your answer didn’t matter because there didn’t seem to be any consequences. Naturally though, this was intentional by design to keep the experience within 40 minutes.

One thing I wish the experience had allowed was an interactive element to discuss actions with other players in the session. It would make for a more collaborative game, even if you’re playing it physically on your own.

There were times when I felt misled after making a choice and watched the actor do something else that I didn’t choose. It annoyed me at first until I remembered that the votes were based on the choices of the majority.

Perhaps a poll displayed after all players have voted would be a handy addition to have as well, so you know how many participants chose which answer.

In terms of highlighting ONE EQUINE’s offerings, I would say the game does a pretty good job at that. Very early on in the game, we were introduced to the project’s facilities and nearby amenities before entering the suspenseful part of the story.

Parts of the shoot that highlighted ONE EQUINE’s free buggy service from the shuttle stop to your unit, and proximity to food and other locations / Image Credit: Breakout X Beverly Group

At times the highlights felt a bit forced, but the 40-minute session limit likely meant less freedom to explore the facilities naturally.

And yes, we managed to successfully escape!

Navigate the fantasy in reality

Among the challenges Beverly and Breakout reported to Vulcan Post were the difficulties in planning the shoot. As the filming took place in the ONE EQUINE exhibition unit at the sales gallery which customers also physically visited, disruption had to be minimized.

An interesting detail shared by Breakout was that although the unit already had furniture in place, it did not have a door for the convenience of guest visits. After trying unsuccessfully to find multiple angles to get around this, the team had to install a false door for the film.

Note the door to the left, installed just for the shoot / Image credit; Breakout X Beverly Group

The software to accommodate LINDA also had to be programmed from scratch as they created a new virtual experience with no old data to work with. It was up to the Breakout team to deliver the right requirements to their software engineer with minimal errors based on their vision.

The LINDA storyline was also tedious, as the game designers had to pull all the possible decisions players can make and their possible endings.

“At the same time, I have to adapt subtly to the uniqueness of the ONE EQUINE property in the game. It really takes a lot of attention to detail to create the right path to avoid repetitions and mistakes,” said Johnny, Experience Design Manager at Breakout.

Bringing LINDA to life took around 4 months for both parties, from creating the storyline, to video production and web application development, to deploying the experience.

More to come, I hope

Aside from aspects that could still be improved upon for LINDA, this is a laudable effort on the part of Beverly and Breakout.

Alexis Ng, head of sales and marketing at Beverly Group, said of their target market: “We absolutely want to reach all kinds of audiences because this experience was created to appeal to the general public who are already familiar with the technologies of basic like smartphones and web browsing. “

“It’s not supposed to be complicated so that we can engage with a larger target audience, especially those in the technologically savvy 18-45 age group. “

Although the experience was easy and straightforward to access, it is perhaps mainly the younger clientele who would be more attracted to the principle of LINDA. Even if they are not the ones with the purchasing power, they would likely share the experience on social media, providing ONE EQUINE with word of mouth marketing.

I can say that the experiment is an experiment that I would like to replay several times, a) because it’s free, and b) to try out all the possible scenarios that could have happened based on different decisions. Again, the latter is always based on a majority vote which will make it more difficult to explore all avenues.

When asked if Breakout plans to work with more real estate developers to release different storylines, Johnny said he’s interested in doing so.

“At the same time, I am also looking forward to collaborating with different industry players such as shopping malls, car dealerships or even brand owners to gamify their products or services to provide a more immersive experience for their customers. customers, ”he said.

“We are definitely ready to have much more interesting experiences, to make an impact and to enlighten the lives of people during this time of pandemic. “

Breakout faced multiple challenges as a hub of physical entertainment throughout the pandemic, and the team racked their brains for ideas on how to pivot without deviating from their main brand. On a related note, they previously launched a virtual escape experience and puzzle gift boxes.

Now, with this collaboration with Beverly Group, the team has once again found another source of income that matches their branding. There is a lot of potential in this project and with their background in creating experiences that appeal to their audiences, we would say Breakout is well positioned to continue through the pandemic.

  • LINDA will be available free to everyone from September to November 2021, at 4 p.m. every weekend. Those interested can RSVP here.
  • You can read more about what we wrote about Breakout here.

Featured Image Credit: Breakout X Beverly Group

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Parents frustrated by delays in registering children for virtual school

With the return of Granite State Schools in person, the primary distance learning option is returning to the state’s virtual charter school, but this school is struggling to keep pace with enrollment. Steve Kossakoski, CEO of the Virtual Learning Academy, or VLACS, is grateful for the technical issues and delays in returning to families, but he asks for patience. Since New Hampshire schools are now fully face-to-face, most districts recommend VLACS as a distance option. But some parents who are trying to enroll their students are having problems. A mother said she had been waiting for three weeks. “I sent out two support tickets,” said mother Beth Paiva. “I called five times, and most of them lasted over an hour before they got disconnected.” “I really apologize to everyone who tries to reach us,” Kossakoski said. The CEO said that even though the school works with an average of 12,000 students during the year, a sudden 48% increase in enrollment is too difficult to track. to 7,300 in a very short time, ”he said. The increase comes as VLACS updates its technology infrastructure. “About a year and a half ago, we started updating our student information system, and in the spring we selected a new learning management system,” Kossakoski said. “We were hoping everything would work out pretty well by the end of August, and we just need more time.” Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut has said he has confidence in VLACS. “We have seen them throughout the pandemic really intensify and provide exceptional educational opportunities for so many students throughout, and I have no doubt that they will be able to continue this level of service in the future,” Edelblut said Kossakowski said the school has hired additional staff who work long hours, but it could be another two to three weeks before things run efficiently.

With the return of Granite State Schools in person, the primary distance learning option is returning to the state’s virtual charter school, but this school is struggling to keep pace with enrollment.

Steve Kossakoski, CEO of the Virtual Learning Academy, or VLACS, recognizes the technical issues and delays in returning to families, but he asks for patience.

Because New Hampshire schools are now completely in-person, most districts recommend VLACS as a distance option. But some parents who are trying to enroll their students are having problems. A mother said she had been waiting for three weeks.

“I sent out two support tickets,” said mother Beth Paiva. “I called five times, and most of them lasted over an hour before they got disconnected.”

“I really apologize to everyone who tries to reach us,” Kossakoski said.

The CEO said that even though the school works with an average of 12,000 students during the year, a sudden 48% increase in enrollment is too difficult to follow.

“We’ve seen 2,383 more children from August 20 until now, so we’ve gone from just over 4,900 to 7,300 in a very short time,” he said.

The surge comes as VLACS updates its technology infrastructure.

“About a year and a half ago, we started updating our student information system, and in the spring we selected a new learning management system,” Kossakoski said. “We were hoping everything would work out pretty well by the end of August, and we just need more time.”

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut has said he has confidence in VLACS.

“We have seen them throughout the pandemic intensify and provide exceptional educational opportunities for so many students, and I have no doubt that they will be able to continue this level of service in the future,” said Edelblut.

Kossakowski said the school has hired additional staff who work long hours, but it could take another two to three weeks before things run smoothly.

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Jewish New Year begins with virtual services | Community-News

As the sun sets on Monday, the Jewish people of Vermont – and around the world – will welcome Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year of 5782. Rosh Hashanah begins a sacred period known as the Days of Awe, culminating 10 days later in Yom Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

Laura Berkowitz, president of Congregation Shir Heharim (the Jewish community of the Brattleboro area) invites people to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, which will all be held virtually, led by Rabbi Lee Moore on Zoom. Everyone is welcome to attend the services.

Days of fear are considered a time of judgment, when people seek atonement and pray that their names will be inscribed in a symbolic “Book of Life” for another year. On Yom Kippur, hours are devoted to prayer and contemplation, and many Jews follow the tradition of the 26-hour fast.

The Rosh Hashanah evening service begins at 7:00 p.m. on Monday. Morning prayer begins Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Yom Kippur services begin Wednesday, September 15 at 7:00 p.m. with the “beautiful and spellbinding” Kol Nidre prayer. Services resume at 9:30 am Thursday morning September 16. To remember and honor loved ones who have passed away, a Yizkor service will be held around 11:30 a.m. during the day’s services, and a late afternoon service at 5 p.m. reads the Book of Jonah. Neilah, the closing service, starts at 6 p.m. Neilah reflects the spiritual concept of closing the gates of heaven at sunset, giving the congregation one last chance to ask for forgiveness and pray for life at the end of the holy day.

Rabbi Lee Moore will lead services from the BAJC Synagogue, assisted by various members. BAJC hopes that guests will help cover the costs of making services available to all during these difficult times. Donations can be mailed to BAJC, PO Box 2353, Brattleboro 05303. Guest donations will be applied to membership if a donor decides to become a member of the congregation at any time during the year. Visit or call 802-257-1959 for more information. Those attending some or all of the Big Holy Day services will receive a link to the Zoom Room if you send an email to [email protected] If you have any questions or need more information, contact Faith Schuster at 802-464-2632 or [email protected]

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Originals Online: Some Parents Want Virtual School Options For 2021-2022 As COVID-19 Cases Rise

GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) – Some local parents are asking school boards to reconsider offering a virtual schooling option for the 2021-2022 school year.

This demand comes as cases of COVID-19 increase in K-12 schools. The state’s Department of Health and Human Services reported that more than 9,600 children tested positive for COVID-19 in the week of August 22 alone. It was officially the first week back to school for many districts.

Greene County offered a virtual option before the start of the school year. Applications for this were closed about a week before the start of classes. In Greene County, approximately 80 students have registered for virtual learning. Greene County Schools Superintendent Patrick Miller told 9OYS that option is now closed and will not become available. Miller said it’s because the county is contracting out for his virtual learning.

1 in 7 children with COVID show long-term symptoms, UK study finds

Bertie County parent and nurse Latoya Thompson has created an online petition, asking the school board to change its mind.

For children who have underlying health issues or who may have someone at home, this would give them a better chance of controlling the disease in their home. I understand that some parents don’t want this option which is why I say it is optional for parents. Those who want to send theirs, let them send them, those who think that it is beneficial for their family to keep their children at home, that they keep their children at home.

Latoya Thompson, Parent and Bertie County Nurse

Thompson said it can also be difficult for children to understand why they need to wear a mask and social distancing, they are physical beings who learn through touch and sensation. It does not surprise her therefore by the number of cases that there are already in schools.

Other parents don’t feel the same way. We reached out to the community on social media and responses were shared. Some parents believe that the option should be offered to those who want it, others do not believe that it should be offered at all.

UNC Lenoir Health Care faces tough times with increasing COVID-19 cases, limited staff and need for blood

Some against the virtual option say the situation is not as drastic as it is claimed. Others note that children may not get as sick as adults from COVID. Another argument is that children have been out of school for too long, they need this in-person instruction to be successful. And others simply cannot afford the extra costs it would take for their children to learn virtually at home.

9OYS also spoke with Katherine Beavers of Greenville Pediatrics to hear what they are seeing regarding cases of COVID in children. The numbers they see are staggering.

“Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”: Does the Label Tell the Full Story?

“It started happening about three weeks ago, almost instantly,” she said. “We see twice as many children, around 120 a day now in our sick room.”

Beavers also said they had to close their largest office to only accommodate sick and COVID-positive children. She said it created a backlog of appointments for things like regular checkups and required medicals.

Do American adolescents have the right to be vaccinated against their parents’ wishes? it depends where they live

Beavers had to ask the Pitt County School Board to contact the state and request an extension. She says they “can’t physically fit all these children into our other two offices, because we see all these sick children.”

9OYS has contacted schools in Bertie County for their response to requests for virtual learning options, but has not received a response.

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