Borrow or Poverty?

Although it is certainly not necessary to sink into poverty, borrowing is not always what you need to do. One good way to think about or / or questions – such as “to be or not to be?” – is to follow the situation and then make a decision. By the way, it can avoid black-and-white thinking . As each situation is different, we will sketch different scenarios, and maybe one of the situations may seem possible to you.

Borrow and not fall into poverty

Such a scenario could be good if you need a loan, for example, to start your own business or make a purchase – such as buying a great glue gun for your booming handmade rope – that can help you make money. If borrowing will help you earn and you are ready or willing to take the risk to start making more, then there is no reason not to borrow.

Borrow and put on pages


If you don’t have the money, but you need the money, and you get that money with a loan or other type of loan that needs to be returned (for example, it is not from relatives who are not paying you off) then you may not be able to you couldn’t afford it. In this case, one option is to land on the pages, for example, when moving to another country. If you are not ready for such a step, or if lenders are likely to find you in another country and do something unpleasant (unpleasant) to you, then the next scenario may seem more compelling.

Borrow and sink into even greater poverty

Because loans have to be repaid, debt is not a brother, the law is all one, etc., then borrowing without knowing how you will repay or knowing that interest payments will only exacerbate the lack of funds (poverty) is an option to borrow and sink into even greater poverty. For example, if you are free for 20 euros a month, you take out a loan that requires 20 euros a month to repay and then you will become even more poor.

Do not borrow and fall into poverty

Choosing this option does not change the situation, but at least you do not fall into even greater poverty. In such a scenario, it would seem that the biggest problem would seem to be the feeling of deadlock. However, with the advancement of technology and economic growth, even the scenario without development is evolving and life will just keep going up – but you may not notice it because it will happen to everyone.

Do not borrow or fall into poverty

In such a scenario, you analyze why you end up in or are in a bad financial situation (out-of-work or out-of-work, shyness to ask for a salary supplement, underqualified studies, unwillingness to spend more time earning money), .

Life is complicated and does not consist of black and white solutions. Borrowing or falling into poverty is perhaps not the most well formulated question because there are many other ways to get money and there are many ways to change your material situation.

Author: Marcus Saliba