Isolate Neil Powell to be the “virtual” coach in the Blitzboks’ quest for rugby gold

TOKYO – South Africa’s rugby sevens team turned to video conferencing in their bid to win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics as Neil Powell takes on the role of virtual coach to lead the team from his isolation room in Kagoshima.

The South African team has been affected by four infections, one in the rugby sevens team and three in the football team participating in the Games.

Sevens head coach Powell has tested positive for Covid-19 and has to self-isolate for 14 days, meaning he won’t be sidelined when one of the pre-tournament favorites aim for the ‘or from July 26 to 28.

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But he will continue to help the team he has been coaching since 2013 in their preparations this week, albeit via a computer screen, and will liaise with assistant coach Renfred Dazel on match day.

The entire team was quarantined on arrival in Japan when they were identified as close contacts of an infected person on their flight from Doha to Tokyo. The group, Bar Powell, has since been cleared.

This delayed the team’s arrival at its base camp in Kagoshima from Wednesday to Saturday as they isolated themselves in Tokyo, meaning they missed essential training days.

“Obviously we need a little bit of time on the pitch from a physical point of view, so we hope to stretch our legs a bit,” said Dazel.

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“We’re all always in a good mood and understand that we can’t change those things that we can’t control. We were able to add some fun elements to the adjusted training schedule and it certainly helped.”

South Africa won a bronze medal under Powell at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and will again be among the favorites. They are in Group C with the United States, Kenya and Ireland.

Defender Thabiso Monyane and winger Kamohelo Mahlatsi, along with video analyst Mario Masha, are in isolation as they prepare to face hosts Japan in their opener on Thursday.

South Africa’s chief medical officer Dr Phatho Zondi said they were surprised at the infections, but he believes all protocols were followed for the country’s athletes participating in the Games.

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“Each member of the South African team needed a full medical clearance as an eligibility requirement,” Zondi said in a statement.

“In addition, they were encouraged to self-isolate for two weeks prior to departure, monitor their health daily, report any symptoms, and produce two negative nasopharyngeal PCR tests performed within 96 hours of departure as per the requirements of Tokyo 2020.

“The timing of the positive results suggests that the PCR test in these individuals was performed during the incubation period of the infection, so they could be negative in South Africa and then positive in Japan.

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Virtual Coach Reviews | Is Eben Pagan’s program effective?

Here is my opinion on the Virtual Coach. While virtual lessons and online programs are all the rage, what sets this Eben Pagan Virtual Coach program apart?

Let’s see how the Virtual Coach program is different from others and what it is!

Reviews of virtual coaches: The best strategies for training entrepreneurs!

Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach?

I never thought this would be my cup of tea until I stumbled across this Virtual Coach program.

Creator Eben Pagan says this Virtual Coach program can help people become real coaches.

The Virtual Coach program is supposed to help people build their brand online and become online entrepreneurs.

Are you still thinking about what exactly the Virtual Coach program is?

Can it help you anywhere in life?

The purpose of the Virtual Coach Review is to answer all of your questions and doubts about this Virtual Coach program and help you understand how it can help you in your life.

Go through the detailed Virtual Coach exam before joining the program.

Product Name Virtual Coach
Main advantages Help improve your coaching skills and build your own online platform
Tongue English
Creator Eben Pagan
Category Training program
specification Online coaching
Duration of the course 90 days
Price $ 1,997.00 / $ 197.00 for 12 months
Money back guarantee 14 days / 90 days + $ 1000 guarantee
Availablity Only via the official website
Official site Click here

What is a virtual coach?

Organized by Eben Pagan, one of the renowned experts in online coaching, this virtual coaching program aims to help people set up a smart coaching practice.

In short, this is a complete system that helps you improve your coaching skills and build your own online platform.

The Virtual Coach program was created 3 years ago when Eben Pagan surveyed his mailing list to find out their interest in becoming an online coach.

Surprisingly, it has attracted the interest of around 1,300 people. After the investigation, he organized the modules of the Virtual Coach program that could be of benefit to people of all niches.

According to Virtual Coach reviews, Virtual Coach is available once a year with access to online seating. The creator offers new updates every year in the modules of the Virtual Coach program.

You will be able to find new sessions, training programs and scripts in each module. The Virtual Coach program is held every year as a brand new live event.

Virtual coach program

About the creator

As mentioned earlier, Eben Pagan is a well-known online coach who also has expertise as an entrepreneur and technology investor.

He had revealed that the last years of his life are spent studying opportunities and getting the best workout.

He wants to offer training that includes the best techniques and strategies to train entrepreneurs.

Eben sees entrepreneurs as innovators, dreamers and actors who can make the world a better place by creating unique businesses.

Its philosophy is “to give 10 times more value than what you ask in return”.

Eben Pagan has been part of some of the prestigious global events and programs such as Ultimate Business Mastery, USC Marshall School of Business and Charity Event with Richard Branson.

Virtual Coach by Eben Pagan

How? ‘Or’ What Virtual Coach job?

Virtual Coach Program was created for those who want to do something big and leave a mark in the field of their choice.

By reading Virtual Coach reviews, the Virtual Coach program is designed to help businesses that can be of benefit to others as well.

You will be able to browse a lot of actionable content in Virtual Coach, which is easy to apply in your business strategies and lifestyle.

The Virtual Coach program is designed to help you become an all-time high value transformational coach.

You can be a certified coach and start your coaching session in 90 days.

By analyzing Virtual Coach reviews, the Virtual Coach system contains two main sections and 7 key modules. You will be able to get new lessons every week for the 90 days.

Even if you cannot attend the live course, you can access the high quality recorded videos on the member’s website.

What are the advantages of joining Virtual Coach?

It has already been argued that joining the Virtual Coach program will help you become a successful virtual coach.

Apart from this, the Virtual Coach program has many other benefits as well. It can help you in many ways other than just becoming an online coach.

Virtual Coach will allow you to free yourself from all emotional and mental stress. You will be able to run your business online in order to have a better lifestyle.

The program will also help you grow personally and professionally. You will also be able to enjoy financial freedom by earning enough through online courses.

Why should you consider purchasing this program?

As mentioned in the Virtual Coach reviews, you can join the Virtual Coach program if you want to inspire people around the world.

Those looking for an effortless business plan that can be executed at home are also ideal candidates for this Virtual Coach system.

People who have already considered coaching as a profession, but have not been able to be successful, can also consider joining the Virtual Coach program.

Those who wish to improve their personal and professional development can also join Virtual Coach to shine.

In short, anyone who is looking to start something new or someone who is not able to find a path in life can choose this Virtual Coach program as the answer to their quest.

The Virtual Coach program claims to cover anything that can help you become an effective coach within 90 days.

What program will Eben teach you during the 90 days?

The 90 day program contains 2 main sections and 7 key modules.

  • Part 1: How to deliver great value coaching that is worth the thousands of dollars clients will invest.
    • Module 1: Revolutionary conversations
    • Module 2: Coaching in personal and relational leadership
    • Module 3: The inner game of coaching
    • Module 4: Visionary coaching
  • Part 2: How to attract and register high-end coaching clients.
    • Module 5: Target your coaching niche
    • Module 6: Brand coaching package design
    • Module 7: Attract coach clients
    • Bonus module: Mastery of social networks

Virtual coach bonus

According to Virtual Coach reviews, the Virtual Coach program offers a handful of bonuses when you sign up for the 90-day session:

Training on technical tools valued at $ 1,997

It helps participants learn using 12 important online technology tools such as WordPress website, Optin Incentives, Conversion Funnels, Online Surveys, Analytics Essentials, Screencasting, Membership Sites, virtual events, social media presence, smart email marketing, shopping cart and affiliate program. , and the Facebook advertising playbook.

Step by step marketing valued at $ 997

It helps you learn the marketing techniques and strategies your business needs.

Wake Up Productive valued at $ 497

You will have access to a set of habit building tools and systems to increase your productivity.

Paid presentations valued at $ 197

You will learn how to make presentations quickly and efficiently.

$ 24,000 Digital Product Marketing Library

This includes 5 courses that train you to design a high-value digital product.

1 ticket for Virtual Coach Live valued at $ 997

You will get the pass to access the 3 one-day coaching sessions.

Virtual coach bonus

How much does it cost?

According to the official website, the Virtual Coach price which includes all the bonuses is only $ 1,997 if you pay all at once.

You can also pay $ 197 * 12 months if you want to choose the monthly payment option.

As mentioned in the Virtual Coach reviews, the creator also offers a 100% money back guarantee to ensure safety and reliability.

If you don’t like this Virtual Coach program and want to leave, you can get 100% of your money back within 90 days of joining.

There are two money back guarantee offers:

  1. 14 Day Full Money Back Guarantee: You can take 14 days to visit the virtual coach program. If you’re not happy with that, you can unsubscribe and get a 100% refund.
  2. 90 Day Money Back + $ 1000 Guarantee: You can browse the entire program and attend the LIVE event as well. If you think the program is not up to par, you will receive a 100% refund along with an additional $ 1,000.

How can you join?

You can join this Virtual Coach program from the official event website.

You might find other websites offering access to this Virtual Coach program. However, joining Virtual Coach through the official website would be a safe choice.

Only then will you be able to receive the bonuses mentioned in the program.

Virtual Coach customer review

Virtual Coach Review – The Final Verdict

Many are now successful online coaches earning thousands of dollars after participating in the Virtual Coach program.

According to Virtual Coach reviews, Virtual Coach bonuses are also a great bait for the money you have to spend in total.

If you are someone looking to be a successful coach or someone who wants to make money effortlessly, I recommend you join this virtual coach program.

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Thinking of the next marathon? This virtual coach will help you train

Earlier this fall, I ran my first marathon – in Chicago, at 3:37:49 – a far cry from anything I thought was possible a year and a half ago when I quit drinking and started drinking. jogging around my block. Now I know a lot about running. My brain is full of facts. I know Joan Benoit Samuelson broke the Boston Marathon world record not one, but two. She is the first woman to win the Olympic Games Marathon Championship, winning gold in 1984 in Los Angeles. When she had an arthroscopy 17 days before the Olympic marathon event, the surgeon kept her in bandages lest she rush to get back on her feet. In addition, she loves doing three workouts a day: a run, downhill skiing, then Nordic skiing. Also, like Benoit Samuleson, I know there are several basic rules about running: Don’t go too hard. Leave some in the engine for later. A fartlek isn’t something kinky: it’s a fast run, a bit slower than your typical 5K, or 3.2 miles. Yes, you can sprint to mile 15 if you push yourself. All of these facts and tips – my running education – come from the audio guided runs in the Nike Run Club app, a series created by Nike head coach Chris Bennett, better known to his followers as simply Coach Bennett.

I started listening to Nike’s guided audio tracks when there was no amount of anxious tunes from Rage Against the Machine or Jennifer Lopez. The 6 the album could take me through my 5.25 mile runmute from my Brooklyn apartment to work. (Later, when I first started training for the marathon, I couldn’t do 12-18 mile runs with just music.) A friend mentioned that Nike’s audio guided runs might reduce the monotony of the route.

Each guided run begins with the calm, upbeat voice of Bennett, who has the same enthusiasm that a new first-grade teacher has when he reads a fairy tale to a group of children. Users can choose from a wide variety of races depending on the time or distance they want. Some are short runs, like Lunch Run and I Need a Win Run. There is even a five minute race. Then there are the races Bennett leads with Olympians like Shalane Flanagan, Mo Farah, Lopez Lomong and Eliud Kipchoge (the first human to break a two-hour marathon record in October). The latter mixes a podcast-style interview with encouraging coaching from Bennett.

Bennett seems to have been born for the job of the friendliest running sensei in the world. The tone of his guided runs is perfectly calibrated so that you feel with a coach who gets that, which makes sense because Bennett has a solid resume. He was a captain of both high school (Christian Brothers Academy) and college (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). He coached teenagers who also faced issues at home (divorce, abuse) and through the ups and downs of high school (homework overload, young love). And he can run a four-minute mile! He joined Nike in 2014 as a head coach and launched the Nike Run Club series in the summer of 2017. Do people who run think running sucks? ‘ Bennett says. “More people don’t run because it’s really hard to start a race. And most people, when they start to run, run the wrong way. So all you have to do is find someone to run the wrong way. (Lest you think that means a certain technique or form, the “right” way, at least according to Bennett’s distance coaching, means running relaxed.) Bennett thought he might motivate more runners by running. “with them. Soon after, he recorded the first four batch episodes: First Run, Next Run, First Speed ​​Run, and Comeback Run.

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How a Virtual Coach Delivers Real Success

When Garmin Connect approached Amy Parkerson-Mitchell to become one of their three online trainers, she was skeptical at first. Runner for 30 years, physiotherapist for 20 years and coach for almost 10 years, with a style and point of view firmly anchored in the old school: face-to-face goal setting, evaluation and adjustments.

Suddenly, the Kansas City-based coach found herself answering questions from runners around the world. She wondered: How can I help someone reach a new level without ever meeting them in person? How can software tell me as much, if not more, than the athletes themselves?

“I really didn’t think it could be possible,” she says. “But he is.”

Although his athletes brought a wide range of ages, backgrounds and abilities to the table, they were united by a common goal: to become the fastest, fittest, and best version of themselves. . Garmin Connect training data from runners arrived and, bit by bit, trainer Amy became convinced that fitness tracking in the digital age, combined with traditional techniques, could increase its impact as a coach and the performance of his athletes.

At first, coach Amy admits the mountain of information can be overwhelming. “With smartwatches, not all data by itself is extremely useful,” she says. “But when you take the individual pieces and look at them as part of a bigger picture, it becomes powerful.”

Yes, it turns out that your Garmin can tell you a lot more than when you need to circle the block for that last mile. Here’s how Coach Amy uses data to inform her coaching and help runners reach their goals.

Put a face on the name

In addition to her role at Garmin Connect, trainer Amy continues to provide personal coaching through the Kansas City Roadrunners. While she remains firmly convinced that there is no substitute for in-person coaching, she uses modern tools to complement her proven approach. For example, she will often ask runners to film themselves running (or have a friend do it) and send the footage to her so that she can study their form, especially when they are tired.

“Interval training versus a long run is very different,” she says. “So I like to see them run on the road or on any surface that person is running on.”

Filming yourself this way can also be helpful, as long as you know what to look for when watching the tape. This is where your Garmin device comes in handy for more than just plotting the GPS map of your route.

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Building a base

Whether she’s working with an athlete in person or virtually, Coach Amy makes sure to pull together all of her runner’s data, and there’s a ton of it. Each run downloaded through Garmin Connect contains information about an athlete’s mileage, training pace, daily effort rate, and more. It paints a picture of their past and present, and ultimately allows their coach to chart their future.

Mix the direct and the virtual

An athlete’s running footage can help contextualize the piles of data they send to Coach Amy. But even if the runner is not physically present, the information is so informative that Coach Amy can begin to paint a remarkably detailed picture of this form, stride, efficiency, strengths and weaknesses. anybody.

“I can see that person’s cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact data, these are windows into a person’s gait and running efficiency,” she says. “You get a much bigger picture of what this runner is doing and what he can change.”

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, on their website.

That said, the form of running is usually not what Coach Amy is trying to change. His decades of experience have shown him that the risks of tinkering with the shape often outweigh the rewards.

“Only if I see something egregious that I think is going to cause a problem,” she said. “Or if I think there is an element of efficiency that needs to be considered in order for the athlete to achieve their goals.”

Charting a way forward

Once she analyzes the data for trends and opportunities, Coach Amy can hold her athletes accountable for their own improvement. She maintains constant email communication, listens to her athletes to make sure they understand her recommendations, and advises them on the best way forward. While every runner she coaches is different, coach Amy bases her training on a simple philosophy: her job is to forge long, healthy and happy running careers.

Physiotherapist and coach, she sees how destructive injuries can be on a daily basis. Data from his athletes may point to warning signs of overtraining.

“Thirty percent of runners will be injured to some extent over the course of a training season, and you’ll see athletes go from overwhelming joy with their successes to complete depression,” she says. “Avoiding that is the biggest challenge we face as coaches. “

Coach Amy minimizes risk by identifying the optimal training load for each of her runners. It’s optimal, not maximal.

“I’m a coach who thinks to myself, ‘Let’s be injury free and pain free and achieve our goals and have longevity in the sport,’ she said. “I want to see someone catch the virus and love them.”

Count victories

Success in Coach Amy’s job is measured by certain parameters. The progression of an athlete is one of them. Another is word of mouth: runners who choose her as their Garmin Connect coach because of other happy customers.

There are general principles behind her philosophy, but Coach Amy knows the best approach is to treat everyone as an individual.

“Personalization of a program is essential,” she says. “I consider myself a bit of a chameleon when it comes to training. You might have someone who needs a little more gentleness, someone who needs a little more severity. I adapt to this personality.

In doing so, she takes a new-school approach to old-school science – slowly mastering the art of coaching in the digital age.

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