The group of information security officers to organize a month-long virtual interactive cybersecurity campaign in October

To celebrate National Cyber ​​Security Month, the Information Security Officers Group (ISOG) will once again host the biggest and longest cybersecurity awareness campaign in the Philippines through a virtual summit to be held from October 8 to November 8 2021.

With the theme “Securing the New Cyber ​​Norm”, the complete virtual event entitled I’m Safe 2021: The Big Change will bring together more than 3,000 cybersecurity facilitators and decision-makers. This includes local and international C-level executives, such as information security officers (CISOs) and technology managers, data privacy officers, security architects and risk managers and of compliance. Expected attendees also include experts in cybersecurity, data privacy, banking and finance, as well as professionals from academia, public and private sectors.

The event will be a digital venue for participants to engage with each other, establish industry standard procedures, equip themselves with new skills to promote information security and empower Filipinos. by strengthening legislative measures to combat cybercrime.

“While the rapid shift to the digital world has helped various organizations thrive in the new normal, it cannot be denied that these connected digital technologies also come with a whole new list of cyber threats and risks,” said Chito, vice-president of ISOG and president of the summit. Jacinto said. “This event aims to equip and empower organizations and institutions to put in place a stronger cyber defense strategy, essential to protect our digital economy against cyber risks, threats and attacks in the new normal”, a- he added.

Three-dimensional digital location (3D)

To avoid being a boring webinar, the event will take place on a cutting-edge, award-winning virtual platform around the world. Using this technology, attendees can enjoy a simulated event summit experience by entering the three-dimensional virtual interactive hall, plenary hall, sub-committee rooms, exhibition halls and lounge. networking.

Cybersecurity conferences with staging and augmented presentations

In addition to a state-of-the-art virtual event platform, the Cyber ​​Security Summit will provide attendees with informative webinars on topics such as password awareness, family home cyber tips, phishing awareness and security. ransom awareness. To make the webinars even more engaging, it will be accompanied by staging and augmented presentations.

There will also be breakout sessions and plenary sessions led by renowned speakers who will provide comprehensive information on topics such as defensive and offensive security.

Participants will also be able to join in and enjoy fun activities at the top, including a booth exhibit, games, raffles, and Cyber ​​Quiz Bee.

“Our efforts to make our digital cybersecurity awareness campaign as engaging and empowering as possible are part of our organization’s mission to strengthen information security through education and awareness programs. As we make the big digital shift, ISOG is taking the lead in securing the new cyber standard in the country through programs like this, ”said ISOG President Archie Tolentino.

The initial sponsors of the event are Trends, Globe Business, Cilynx, BlueVoyant with Microsoft, Huawei, Trendmicro with Netsec Technologies and VST ECS Phils Inc, Westcon with Palo Alto Networks, CyCognito, Tanium, Fortinet, Netpoleon with Netscout, F5, Nexus with Extrahop, MDI-Novare with FireEye, Group IB, Blancco, Tenable, Gigamon, Arcon, M-Security with RSA Netwitness, Aptsecure Technologies with Seclore, Everest IMS, IPV Network, Solarwinds and Inspira.

ISOG, which consists of CISOs from different financial institutions and IT security professionals in the Philippines, has been hosting security summits since 2015.

To know more about I’m Safe 2021: The Big Change virtual summit, you can send email to [email protected] For more information on ISOG and cybersecurity in the Philippines, follow the ISOG Facebook page at and the website

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Interactive virtual classroom of surgical skills: protocol for a randomized controlled trial in parallel group, non-inferiority, without the knowledge of the arbitrator (VIRTUAL)

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JMIR Res Protoc. 2021 Jul 22; 10 (7): e28671. doi: 10.2196 / 28671.


BACKGROUND: Traditional face-to-face (FFT) training for basic surgical skills is inaccessible and resource intensive. Non-interactive computer learning is more economical but less pedagogically beneficial. Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) is a new method that enables interactive expert remote teaching. CDV can optimize resources and increase accessibility.

OBJECTIVE: We aim to determine whether VCT is superior to computer-based learning and not inferior to FFT in improving mastery of basic surgical skills.

METHODS: This is a protocol for a non-inferiority, parallel group, randomized controlled trial. A sample of 72 undergraduate students will be recruited from 5 London medical schools. Participants will be stratified by subjective and objective suturing experience level and divided into 3 intervention groups in a 1: 1: 1 ratio. The VCT will be delivered using BARCO weConnect software and the FFT will be provided by expert instructors. Optimal pupil / teacher ratios of 12: 1 for VCT and 4: 1 for FFT will be maintained. The assessed task will be interrupted by suturing with hand-tied knots.

RESULTS: The primary outcome will be the post-intervention objective structured assessment score of technical skills, assessed by 2 blinded study experts and adjusted for baseline skills. The non-inferiority margin (δ) will be defined from historical data.

CONCLUSIONS: This study will serve as a comprehensive assessment of the suitability of virtual classroom training on basic surgical skills as an alternative to FFT. Our findings will aid in the development and implementation of new virtual, accessible and resource-efficient basic surgical skills training programs during the COVID-19 pandemic and into the future.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: International Standard Randomized Controlled Trial Number ISRCTN12448098;


PMID: 34292162 | DOI: 10.2196 / 28671

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Jim Brickman’s holiday concerts turned into virtual interactive events

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and pianist Jim Brickman has always considered himself an optimist. But even the purest optimists seem a little tired of this pandemic year.

“I’m… fine,” Brickman said with as much enthusiasm as he can muster in a recent interview. “I mean, I miss travel, especially abroad. [Pauses] I do my best to think about the benefits of this time rather than what I miss.

One of those perks is its “Comfort and Joy at Home 2020” virtual tour, a live event until December 23 which gives fans the chance to enjoy The Brickman’s beloved vacation show from the comfort of their own homes while supporting their local venues in these trying times.

“I wanted to give back to the theaters that have always supported me so much,” says Brickman, who will donate a portion of the proceeds from his Dec. 4 show to the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at North Central College. “I also wanted to create something that simulates the tour that we would normally undertake, rather than doing a somewhat passively national livestream, which would have no community quality.”

Presenting a series of selections from his recent album “Soothe Christmas Vol. 6 “as well as some of his greatest hits including” The Gift “,” Angel Eyes “and” If You Believe “, Brickman will perform a virtual live concert via Zoom each evening for a different city from a set of extravagant vacation built in his studio home.

“I will be able to see you and you will be able to see me,” explains Brickman. “I’ve actually started doing a few shows already, and once I start performing and seeing people, there’s a kind of quality that brings me into that space. It’s certainly not the same, but I’m trying to tell myself that at least I don’t have to get on the bus afterwards, ”he laughs.

For nearly 25 years, Brickman has traveled across the country and the world to bring his brand of easy-to-listen music to his fans. But this year, of course, everything is different.

Well, almost everything.

“We even try to make the studio feel like it does if we were actually on tour – from the locker rooms to the dining areas,” he laughs. “Basically we’re trying to simulate the feeling of a live show not just for the audience, but for us.”

And yes, Brickman might even call you if you take a bathroom break during the show.

“You never know,” he laughs. “I’ll do my best to relax everyone and have fun with it. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind situation.

Each ticket holder will receive a Christmas stocking delivered to their home before the show, which will include everything from a CD and a real “ticket” to the show and the bells that the public will be encouraged to ring throughout. of the 90-minute performance.

“I wanted to offer something tactile to enhance the overall experience,” explains Brickman.

More importantly, each show will be essentially personalized for the audience that Brickman is playing for on any given night.

“That’s what I do on stage, so that’s what I’ll do here,” says Brickman, who also offers virtual “meet and greet” opportunities with certain ticket packages. “It makes it more comfortable and a little warmer and a little more like I’m there. My mom lives in Chicago, so yeah, we’ll probably talk about that. Chicago has always been a special place for me.

These are the kinds of memories that run through her head throughout the past year.

“This year has been like a forced break for me to think about what I want to do next and approach things as a performer,” he says. “Do I want to keep doing the same thing I was doing or do I want to reimagine it?” Now is the time to ask, “What is my life like?” It is a time of reflection and planning. It’s the same for everyone, I guess.

He sighs.

“I know the pandemic has been tough on everyone, but we’re not going to dwell on that during these shows,” says Brickman. “I feel like I’m there [are] enough people doing that. Instead, we’ll enjoy an evening of music with our friends and focus on our blessings. “

Tricia Despres is a local freelance writer.

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Mall of America launches virtual interactive experience with The Candy Cane Institute

It’s MOA’s latest online Christmas experience this season, including previously announced virtual visits with Santa.

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Mall of America is teaming up with The Candy Cane Institute to offer a new virtual interactive experience with Santa and his elves, with online reservations starting Tuesday, Dec. 1.

According to the mall, The Candy Cane Institute was founded in 1972, but this is the first time the Institute has offered virtual tours of Santa’s elves at work at the North Pole, as the elves work to “research” the perfect holiday and spread that joy to others.

Families can reserve a time for a guided virtual tour by one of the elves; each reservation also includes a visit with Santa.

Each virtual tour costs $ 20 plus tax, and will last about 8 to 12 minutes.

“The holiday season needs more magic than ever this year, which is why we were thrilled that the Candy Cane Institute chose Mall of America to help bring this virtual experience to our guests all over the world,” Jill Renslow, Executive Vice President of Mall of America, said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to work with Mall of America to launch the first-ever Candy Cane Institute virtual holiday experience,” says Gary Wichansky, CEO / head creative at Hotopp. “As true believers in the intersection of the retail and entertainment space, Mall of America has been the perfect partner to bring something fun, unique and safe for families virtually this holiday season.”

This is the Mall of America’s latest online experience to keep kids and their families connected to Santa this Christmas season. The mall previously announced virtual visits with Santa through Christmas Eve as part of a separate virtual program through The Santa Experience.

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Durham travel specialist offering a virtual, interactive and live vacation experience

A local travel specialist is looking to innovate when most people still avoid flying.

It does this by launching a live virtual travel experience, hoping to give tourists a glimpse of the Caribbean.

“Even though I can’t put planes back in the sky, I can bring the world to people’s living rooms,” says Tracy Turberfield, who started the service after her business was shut down by the pandemic.

When international travel was cut off, she says it turned her business upside down.

“That moment stopped me dead in my tracks,” she said. “I knew from then on that I had to untangle all the work I had done after several months. “

“I watched my travel business crumble before my eyes. “

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Canadian tourism sector needs help in “very, very serious” situation, industry leaders say

Turberfield, who sells luxury travel experiences, knew she had to do something.

“I realized people were missing out on travel,” Turberfield said.

“I wanted people to stay connected to travel, and thinking it’s not the end of the world, we’re going to travel again.”

From there came the idea of ​​virtual vacation experiences.

Building partnerships with key figures on the ground in the Caribbean over the last 20 years of her career, she now offers an interactive vacation environment, now departing for Antigua.

“They’re arranging to go live from Nelson’s Dockyard and one of the complexes,” she said. “In parallel, we will attend cooking demonstrations and have a live band while watching the sunset in Antigua.”

So far, she has taken her clients on virtual vacations to Saint Lucia.

“It’s about making the destinations known, keeping those particular destinations in people’s minds,” she told Global News.

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The company is a key component in helping Caribbean tourism boards get back on their feet.

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Air travel and COVID-19: Will the industry rebound from its biggest setback?

“We depend heavily on tourism as a destination,” said Tameka Wharton of the Antigua and Barbudan Tourism Authority. She says it is imperative to have a business like Tracy’s to help them survive, after several months without tourism in the area.

“We appreciate the way Tracy has found to present our destination to the Canadian public,” said Wharton, who is one of the partners helping to put together a virtual “Antiguan” experience.

Turberfield says that in addition to vacation meetings for clients, she also wants to change the look of those Zoom meetings that we’ve all become used to.

Click to play the video:

Travel Tips: Impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Travel and Fall Vacation

Travel Advice: Impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Travel and Fall Vacation – July 30, 2020

“The experience can get a bit boring after a while,” says Turberfield, describing the sometimes neutral zoom environments.

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“I would like to offer networking events and team building events in trade shows. We could have incentives for companies, so they can organize incentive trips. “

You can find your tickets for a virtual vacation here. Visit for more information.

The next virtual trip to Antigua is scheduled for next week,

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BULLETS ON BROADWAY: A Virtual Interactive Murder Mystery

Join Castle Craig Players for BULLETS ON BROADWAY: A Virtual Interactive Murder Mystery – with YOU! Just in time for Halloween, the Castle Craig Players will present “BULLETS ON BROADWAY”, an interactive virtual murder mystery – in which YOU are the star! This special one-night-only fundraiser will take place on Saturday, October 24 at 8 p.m., via Zoom.

It’s opening night for “Murder in the First” on Broadway, and nerves are on the line. The cast and crew are all buzzing backstage with the excitement of the lights, sounds and corpse of the great Broadway producer! Was the murderer the jealous head woman? The young fresh ingenuous? The disgruntled playwright? Is the casting director suspicious? There is only one way to find out … But beware, the murderer may be YOU!

The night will be immersive, unique and full of surprises! We promise you that it will be different from other mystery murders or virtual events that you may have been in before. By purchasing a ticket, you participate as one of the characters in the mystery! You will be assigned a role and you will receive a package containing your story, clues and evidence! YOU are part of the show… and we encourage you to give your all! Costumes are strongly encouraged !! One week before the show, ticket buyers will receive an email from us with a Zoom link for the event, along with ALL the materials they need. This will include a ‘pack of characters’, evidence, clues – and a randomly chosen ‘who-made’ secret assignment. They will also receive a costume suggestion sheet. While the costumes are completely optional, it will give suggestions / links to items they might own or purchase so you can “dress to kill”! Couples / groups are welcome to play together on the same device, as long as each person has purchased a ticket. Tickets are available online at Places are extremely limited, so book your place now so you don’t miss out on this truly amazing evening!

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