Docebo launches Virtual Coach and Docebo Discover

At the heart of the update is the launch of Docebo’s AI-based virtual coach, a proactive learning coach for each user. The virtual coach is focused on proactivity, increasing productivity and enriching the learning experience while providing the peace of mind to administrators and managers that their learners are being well taken care of.

“Imagine having a personal trainer dedicated to making you better at your job. This is the Docebo Virtual Coach, an AI-based assistant that will help employees meet their learning deadlines, find the relevant information. and needed in the workflow, and provide timely and meaningful learning opportunities, ”said Docebo CEO Claudio Erba.

The virtual coach engages with learners through a conversational user interface that:

  • sends push notifications on content or learning activities to be completed,
  • makes personalized content recommendations,
  • sends progress reminders;
  • answers questions related to content within their learning platform.

Docebo mobile pages

Since the launch of Docebo Pages, Docebo customers have the ability to create unparalleled personalized learning experiences. With mobile accessibility at the heart of current industry expectations and trends, Docebo is delighted to present Mobile pages, which gives platform administrators the ability to develop mobile learning environments for different user groups in their learning platform with a drag-and-drop widget-based interface – and no coding skills required.

Docebo Discover

Docebo customers have always expressed a strong desire to expand their learner autonomy. Docebo Discover opens up a whole new avenue for content opportunities, using artificial intelligence to organize high quality, highly personalized learning content related to the skills that individual learners want to develop – at no additional cost to those currently using Docebo Coach & Share. Learners will see a new content channel containing an organized content feed that refreshes every few hours and requires no administrator intervention, freeing admins from the time they would otherwise have spent searching for recent content and relevant to each user.

“Docebo Discover’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) feature meets the most stringent demands of the modern learner,” said Michel Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Senior HCM Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. “Powerful yet easy to use, Docebo Discover acts as the connector L&D leaders need to bring together the best parts of LMS and LXP, in one environment. “

Once Docebo Discover is activated, learners are invited to identify areas of improvement or skills they want to focus. The AI technology suggests a number of skills related to their role to get them started, but also helps learners identify additional skills compared to the job title they have put into the platform. The AI ​​selects the relevant Internet content most relevant to its skills, filling in the “My domains improvement “, allowing them to play a proactive role in their learning experience.

forMetris for the impact of learning

Finally, Docebo recognizes that one of the most frustrating aspects of working in Learning and development spends so much time creating what you think are great learning programs, only to be unable to properly track their effectiveness.

Docebo has partnered with forMetris, the global leader in measuring the impact of learning, to provide a transparent overview of corporate learning activities. This incredible integration delivers qualitative data through out-of-the-box surveys and reports that are easily scaled up as an organization grows to better understand the effectiveness of its learning programs. With this system, the training manager will have a new way of making data-based decisions about learning strategies to be implemented within the organization.

These new features put AI and the personalization of learning at the heart of an organization’s training and development activities, with the goal of producing deeper learning experiences that generate more impactful learning outcomes for turning business learning into a distinct competitive advantage.

About Docebo

Docebo’s mission is to redefine the way businesses learn by applying new technologies to the traditional enterprise learning management system market. Founded in 2005, Docebo provides an easy-to-use, highly configurable and affordable learning platform with the end-to-end capabilities and essential functionalities needed to train internal and external workforce, partners and customers. . This allows clients to take control of their desired training strategies and retain their institutional knowledge, while providing efficient course delivery, learning progress tracking, advanced social learning opportunities, and training tools. in-depth reporting and analysis. Docebo’s robust platform helps clients centralize a wide range of learning materials from businesses and peer learners into an artificial intelligence-based learning platform to accelerate and enrich the business process. learning, increase productivity and develop teams in a consistent manner.

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For more information: Rob Ayre, Head of Communications and Public Relations, [email protected], (437) 241-8417; Dennis Fong, Investor Relations, [email protected], (416) 283-9930

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