Dothan City Board of Education Approves Freshman Academy and DCS Virtual School

DOTHAN, Alabama (WTVY) –

It was a unanimous decision, as the Dothan City Board of Directors approved the three-part solution called “the move”. During the 2021-2022 school year, there will be a freshman academy, a bifurcated program and a DCS virtual school.

“We can’t go back and undo what’s already been done, all we can do is try to fix things in the future and that’s the intention here. To be able to reduce overcrowding at DPA as well as develop a more advanced curriculum for 7th, 8th and 9th grade students. I think it’s a victory for everyone, ”said Dennis Coe, acting superintendent of schools for the city of Dothan.

The new DCS virtual school will be available for grades 7 to 12

“The autonomous school. The state requires that we have a minimum of 250 students to have a virtual school. I think it will help our registration. We have already had students and parents from other counties calling us to ask questions about next year so I think this will help our registrations a lot, ”said Maria Johnson, Director of Educational Services.

Dothan Prep Academy grade 9 students will now move to the Carver campus, while carver students will move to the old Cloverdale Elementary campus.

A change that Carver parents do not take lightly …..

“But the way they do it is again to go to the Magnetic Families and tell them if they could kick you out of your school and take you across town. There really is no consideration for the families of these loving children who had to endure the indignity of their schools being closed to make this happen again, ”said William Nichols, Carver’s parent.

But as the school system tackles the problem of overcrowding by relocating students, parents are asking for one thing left … “the name”

“We’ve only been here less than two years and we’ve been told, listen, you’re going to have to throw this stuff in the trash.” You’re going to be in a brand new school that’s been closed for two years and you’re going to have a new name. So respectfully, I think what we would at least like to keep is our name, ”Nichols said.

And the board hopes it will be the same.

“It has a strong tradition within Dothan City schools, I think almost all of the board agreed that the Carver name should stay in one or both schools,” Coe said. .

DCS will provide a bus to transport students to the after-school activities of the freshman academy. The board will decide on the name of the freshman academy and new school for Carver students on December 3.

Dothan City School Board hired Dr Mark Kirkemier, former Deputy State Superintendent for Education and Curriculum, to help lead the task force for DCS’s new two-tiered curriculum. .

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