Dothan City Virtual School Receives Overwhelming Response to Enrollment Survey

DOTHAN, Alabama (WTVY) –

Although state superintendent Dr Eric Mackey repeatedly encourages schools to resume face-to-face teaching, schools in the town of Dothan are doing the opposite, providing families with an alternative option which, according to them, offer flexibility.

“We recognize that face-to-face teaching is of course the most viable teaching and our research and data supports this for student learning and success, but for some students the option of a virtual school. provides that flexibility, ”Dr. Debra Wright, Director of Title Nine and Assessment said.

The Virtual School is one of the three-part solutions called the Movement, DCS-approved for the 2021-2022 school year. Any DCS student in grades 7 to 12 can enroll in the virtual school.

“Where students can meet their teachers online and receive that instruction, that one-on-one instruction. Whether they are doing a one-on-one zooming opportunity for tutorial services or for one-on-one basic instruction so that they always have the opportunity to meet their teacher, have a live person to contact in time. real, ”Wright said.

The state requires a minimum of 250 students to have a virtual school. But after sending out a survey, DCS received 536 responses from students who should be enrolled.

“The virtual school option which has been required by legislative law since 2015. We are very confident in what we can offer our students, a solid educational program that will provide rigor and relevance for our students, for our teachers and our staff, ”said Wright. noted.

Wright said that before Covid they only had 50 to 60 students enrolled in the virtual program, now they currently have 2,400 students.

DCS is currently working on staffing the virtual school. So far, the current principal of Slingluff Elementary School, Christina Johnson, has been hired as the principal of the virtual school.

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