Duval Virtual School reopens registrations on Thursday and Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – The Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA) is reopening registrations this week to give parents the opportunity to transition from in-person learning to online learning.

The move comes as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the district.

Registrations will be open online Thursday and Friday on the Parent FOCUS account. The registration form will be in the “Forms” folder.

“We know this has been a difficult time for many of our families as they try to determine the best option for their children in the midst of the pandemic,” said DVIA Director Mark Ertel. “The transition from brick and mortar families to our virtual environment is a complex process, and we will continue to work hard to support our families and help students get started in online learning as quickly as possible. “

The school principal said enrollment would reopen due to the state of the pandemic.

Whether it’s the highly contagious delta variant, the absence of last year’s Duval Homeroom school virtual platform, or some other reason, demand for DVIA has never been higher. .

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According to records from the Florida Department of Education, enrollment at DVIA appeared to tend to decline ahead of the pandemic with 302 students in 2017, 282 students in 2018, and just 196 students in 2019.

Then last year the number of DVIA students exploded to 1,626. When the registration deadline closed on August 9, it stood at over 2,800.

A viewer who did not want to be identified said she plans to register her daughter for DVIA on Thursday.

“I think all of that ‘wear a mask if you will’ just doesn’t work,” she wrote. “Children come to school sick with anything, once they are in school they have now exposed other children. It’s too much.”

Meanwhile, parents like Agata Gardner have said the district should prioritize safe in-person learning rather than forcing parents to choose between a safer or more effective learning option.

“I think it’s completely unfair for the parents who are in the majority in a situation where they feel that, because school is dangerous for my child, I am put in a corner. And my only option is to try to make the virtual school work for my child, ”Gardner said. “At the very least, what we are asking is that the mitigation measures that we know are working, that worked last year, will continue to work will be maintained this year. “

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Students who enroll this week will continue to attend their regular school until the district confirms enrollment and sends an orientation email. The district said it expects about 3 to 5 days for this referral email to arrive due to high demand.

To learn more about how to apply, visit the Duval County Public Schools website.

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