Families Together OC Expands Virtual Services Monday

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – The local nonprofit Families Together in Orange County works to make health care more accessible to families across the OC. On Monday, Families Together OC announced the expansion of its virtual health program with the launch of a new virtual clinic, which will expand access to health care for more than 800,000 Medi-Cal patients in County of Orange.

The virtual health clinic is special in itself. It offers one-click video conferencing capabilities that are not yet widely available to most Southern California medical patients, according to a statement released by Families Together OC on Monday.

Services available through the virtual clinic include family planning, general medical consultations, pediatric and women’s health visits, prescription renewals and more to come in the future. Services are provided in English and Spanish. According to the statement, the nonprofit is working to bridge the health equity gap among low-income and vulnerable populations in Orange County.

The community health center is also partnering with organizations in Orange County that focus on homelessness to learn how to better provide health services to people displaced by homelessness.

“Our number one priority at Families Together has always been to provide high quality service to everyone, regardless of insurance or economic status,” Families Together OC CEO Alexander Rossel said in a statement. “So with this expansion into a virtual clinic, that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Patients can make an appointment with the virtual clinic by calling 1 (800) 597-7977. For residents who wish to become patients, they can schedule an in-person consultation at Families Together before accessing the virtual clinic.

Perry A. Thomasson