FSU brings campus to life through virtual services and activities

Florida State University’s Student Affairs Division supports students through Virtual FSU, a new virtual hub for student services and engagement opportunities.

Some of the most memorable experiences for students at Florida State University take place outside of the classroom. Now, with the university moving away for the rest of the spring semester in the midst of a global pandemic, how will students stay connected with campus and with each other?

One of the ways the State of Florida supports students is by Virtual FSU – a new virtual center for student services and engagement opportunities, created by the Student Affairs Division.

“It’s important that even though we are physically distant, we virtually connect to each other for our mental and physical health,” said Amy Hecht, vice president of student affairs. “Our goal is to continue, as best we can, to deliver the FSU experience and to provide students with ways to receive counseling, medical services, and connect with each other through a variety of online mechanisms. I know our students are resilient and we will all support each other during this time of uncertainty. “

Virtual FSU includes information on virtual health and wellness, mental health services, the Career Center, the Food Pantry, case management support as well as links to opportunities to be active, to meet on wellness and finding interesting things to do online.

“Creating and nurturing digital communities is an extension of the work we do every day to create the student experience and help students reach their full potential,” said Danielle Acosta, Acting Director of Student Engagement. “Through these platforms, we can initiate conversations, build relationships, continue to provide interactive services to support student success and empower students to have a positive impact on the world. This is more important than ever, because we see in real time how truly interconnected we are and how each of us has the opportunity to change the trajectory of the others.

In addition to Virtual FSU, Student Affairs plans to develop more different and creative ways for student connection, celebration and ongoing virtual services.

For example, DSA hosts a new virtual event every Wednesday – RSO Rendezvous – in place of FSU’s usual Wednesday Market Wednesday on Legacy Walk. RSO Rendezvous will take place during regular Wednesday market time from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Student Engagement is excited to use our online platforms and technologies to continue helping RSOs thrive and be creative during this time,” Acosta said. “We’re setting up social media challenges, creating new virtual experiences, and helping students use resources they might not even know existed to continue doing some of their favorite activities that are essential to their FSU experience. “

Other departments and groups around the campus are also embarking on the virtual act. The student government association, including the FSU Student Senate and Graduate Student Congress, will meet virtually on a summer schedule for the remainder of the semester, and the College of Law has developed a virtual hub with programming. daily for lunch for students via Zoom which is accessible via the Web page of the Office of the promotion of students for law students.

“Student engagement is about the relationships and investment we have in each other and in the Florida State community,” Acosta said. “Our community, the Florida State Family, is strong and comes together through difficult and trying times. This spring we might not all be physically on Landis Green or having dinner in the ballrooms, but we’re still in the same boat. We can always encourage each other, get involved, learn together, support each other and celebrate each other. “

For more information visit studentaffairs.fsu.edu/virtualfsu.

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Perry A. Thomasson