GECDSB to offer virtual school instead of hybrid option for learning in September

Windsor, Ont. –

The Greater Essex County District School Board chose to create a virtual school for those who don’t return to class in September, rather than a hybrid model.

The decision comes as a relief for teachers’ union president Erin Roy, who says they were standing up for this.

“By the end of the school year, we had a big campaign up to say no hybrid because we don’t think it’s very educational,” Roy told AM800 News. “So at that point the council had talked about reconsidering,” she said. “So they did this on a reconsideration and with over 600 remotely selected high school students, I think they made the right decision.”

If the school opted for the hybrid option, teachers would teach in person and via webcam to students at home.

“They didn’t do the survey for the students until the end of July and with the number of students who chose the remote, I think it will just be better for the students and staff all around.” Roy explained to AM800. “They will have their own lessons and will be taught by one mechanism and without dividing the attention of teacher and student by having to teach in two different ways.

A total of 600 high school students out of 12,000 in the public council will be online this coming school year.

There will also be 1,400 primary school students in the virtual school out of the 26,000 younger ones.

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Perry A. Thomasson