Google acquires Synergyse, a virtual coach for app users

Google just bought a virtual coach to improve the shape of Apps users.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based internet giant announced on Monday that it has acquired Synergyse, a Canadian startup that offers a training platform for Google’s popular cloud-based office productivity suite. Financial details of the exchange were not disclosed.

Google will eventually offer all of its Apps customers Synergyse’s virtual coach for free and natively within Apps, the popular suite of Software-as-a-Service tools including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Maps.

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Synergyse was founded in 2013 near Toronto. The startup sells a Chrome extension that implements the tutorial feature, helping customers maximize their productivity and stay up-to-date with new product releases and enhancements.

According to a blog post by Peter Scocimara, Senior Director of Operations for Google Apps, customers using Synergyse see on average 35% higher adoption across cloud suite products.

This means “these organizations are more likely to be productive, collaborative and embrace digital transformation,” Scocimara said.

Synergyse features will become native functionality in apps later this year. While integration work is underway, customers can download Synergyse’s Chrome extension for free, he said.

Nicky Parseghian, director of engineering at Los Angeles-based Google partner SADA Systems, told CRN that the training solution’s deep integration with Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Hangouts will drive app adoption “at higher level”.

SADA has worked with Synergyse since 2013, using the platform to offer its customers a self-paced training option, Parseghian said.

By integrating the training solution into the core suite of applications, Google demonstrates that it is focused on eliminating a typical burden for IT solution providers: supporting customers while enabling their users to learn and learn. exploit tools that they may have neglected because they did not know them.

The acquisition of Synergyse will ultimately facilitate the integration of new resources by allowing customers to learn on their own and at their own pace, he said.

“Google has always been great at documenting every aspect of its products,” Parseghian told CRN, but a more personal and interactive training experience should be welcomed by enterprise customers.

“By providing the right help at the right time, Synergyse will help our customers with the critical task of enterprise change management and strengthen the training and support programs we already offer today,” Scocimara said on the google blog.

Perry A. Thomasson