iEducation Group Launches Globally Accredited One-to-One Virtual School

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., August 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — To meet the growing demand for a more personalized and interactive virtual learning experience, iEducation Group is introducing Global Fusion Academya private online school offering one-to-one live instruction to students in grades 6-12.

“There is a world of difference between virtual teaching and online learning, as parents around the world have seen in recent months,” said Peter Rupert, CEO of iEducation Group. “Through Fusion Global Academy, students and teachers interact in real time throughout each class to ensure children get the most out of their class sessions and their interactions with their teachers.”

The national health crisis has forced most academic institutions to shift from teaching students in traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms to mobile classes online. As parents compare notes on their children’s school experiences, reviews are mixed. The experiences of the students are very different, with varying levels of engagement. It’s the level of student engagement that really separates virtual teaching — where a live teacher provides real-time instruction to allow for discussion, clarification, and pivoting to meet student needs — from virtual teaching. learning – which uses web tools to simply post resources and assignments online for students to navigate independently. Fusion Global Academy students learn one-on-one with each of their teachers throughout the day, while many online schools can accommodate up to 30 students per online class.

Fusion Global Academy, open to domestic and international students seeking an American degree, supports the growth of middle and high school students – academically, socially, and emotionally. When Fusion students are in class or in a tutorial session, a teacher is always present, working one-on-one with the student throughout the class session. Fusion Global Academy will be led by Darby Carrthe Chair of Virtual Learning at Fusion Global Academy.

With over 20 years of leadership and management experience in technology-enabled education and learning, Carr has built world-class programs to serve families and students in need of educational options. high-quality learning and greater flexibility in their school schedule. Carr has a rich history of working in education, having served as chief executive and principal of a leading charter school in philadelphia cream before working with K12, an online public school, for 10 years. During her time with K12, Carr helped launch and operate online schools and led program development. Most recently, Carr served as president of Laurel Springs Online Private Schools, where student enrollment has increased dramatically and retention rates have improved by 125%.

“Our education model is all about three things: loving, motivating, and teaching,” Carr said. “We first build strong relationships with our students, then personalize their entire educational experience to suit their strengths, goals, interests, and learning style. Their learning is uniquely designed to them.”

Another unique feature of Fusion Global Academy is the school’s Virtual Homework Café, where students complete full lessons during the school day with additional supervision and support, as needed, from teachers. This leaves plenty of time after school for hobbies, passions, such as sports or music, and family.

With open enrollment, students can start at Fusion Global Academy at any time of the year. The revolutionary school model includes:

  • Individual instruction, taught live with a teacher
  • Over 250 accredited courses available
  • Options to learn full-time, part-time or to support home schooling
  • Personalized schedules and start times for students who need flexible schedules.
  • Social opportunities and a global Homework Café connecting students around the world
  • Virtual clubs such as documentaries, foreign languages ​​and photography, to name a few
  • Virtual field trips covering topics such as marine life studies, planetarium tours, and nature hikes

“Through Fusion Academy, our network of individual private schools located across the country, we have seen the tremendous impact that personalized instruction can have on teens,” Ruppert noted. “As an education industry veteran, I know that students don’t thrive in a one-size-fits-all approach. While many thrive in an on-campus environment, others s ‘thrive learning from home – especially when they have the opportunity to work so closely with each teacher.”

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Pioneer of individual education, MichiganiEducation offers students and families a growing array of personalized learning options offered on more than 75 campuses in 16 states and washington d.c., as well as an online private school providing live one-on-one virtual instruction to students in grades 6-12. iEducation Group, the parent organization of Fusion Academy, Fusion Global Academy, Futures Academy and Barnstable Academy, is committed to innovative, individualized and inspired education. iEducation Group’s mission is to help every student thrive – emotionally, socially, and academically – through positive mentoring relationships and a personalized education experience.

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