Launch of a virtual coach to help with weight loss

New year, new you – and now – new technology promises to help Australians reach their fitness and weight loss goals.

The Australian government research organization launched a new artificial intelligence weight loss trainer on Wednesday.

The technology called “Hope” was developed after CSIRO research revealed that three crucial factors had the greatest impact on weight loss.

Data collected from more than 10,000 people participating in the CSIRO Total Wellbeing program revealed that those who weigh themselves regularly, follow the menu plan and diligently monitor their food intake reported the greatest weight loss.

CSIRO Total Wellbeing dietician Pennie McCoy said the launch of the virtual coach comes at the perfect time for people looking to kick start their health goals for the year.

Hope predicts appropriate weight loss goals, tracks progress, and provides feedback while using cutting-edge machine learning to develop and expand its functionality over time.

“In designing Hope, CSIRO gathered data from Australians, so Australians provide a personalized experience and help people improve their weight loss results,” said Ms McCoy.

While diligence in all three behaviors had the best weight loss results, CSIRO found that people who followed two of the three behaviors also had above average weight loss.

Ms. McCoy said it was exciting to see that there was room for flexibility in a sustainable weight loss program.

“Our research found that most people start a weight loss journey with high expectations and high motivation to begin with, but maintaining that motivation is really tough,” she said.

“Our goal with this analysis was to really understand those behaviors that help Australians stay motivated on a weight loss journey.

“With Hope’s added support, Australians can rest assured that they are embarking on a weight loss journey that is not only proven, but also part of their lifestyle. “

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Perry A. Thomasson