Lega Serie A and Math & Sport presented the “Football Virtual Coach”

MILAN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Lega Serie A and Mathematics and sport presented today at the “Barça Sports Technology Symposium” in Barcelona on “Virtual football coach”, an innovative system that allows technical teams to optimize the performance of their teams through real-time tactical analysis.

From the second round of Serie A TIM 2019/2020, the Lega Serie A will equip all the benches with a tablet with the Football Virtual Coach installed. It was developed by Math & Sport, an incubated Italian startup (PoliHub – Polytechnic University of Milan). The Virtual Football Coach will analyze data from video tracking systems to provide, through Artificial intelligence, all the technical staff with the most strategic indications to optimize the tactics or counter the opponent’s strategy. Coaches will be able to customize the information according to their strategies.

“Serie A TIM is the most contested and difficult championship in the world, our coaches are known for their extraordinary technical and tactical knowledge, but they will soon have a new tool to support them in the decisions to be made during the match . Thanks to the Italian skills of the Polytechnic University of Milan, we will be the first football league in the world to provide all 20 teams with valid technical analysis support during the match. Artificial intelligence combined with the genius and skills of our coaches will allow us to raise the level of competition, making Serie A TIM matches more and more exciting and spectacular ”, noted Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A.

“We are very proud of the choice made by the Lega Serie A to focus on us and to be able to carry out a totally Italian project. We hope to better support the technical staff during the games ”, noted Ottavio Crivaro, Founder and CEO of Math & Sport.

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Perry A. Thomasson