Leidos LIVE Virtual Interactive Tour Comes to Huntsville


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HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – The focus on STEM has grown in recent years and Leidos is bringing his STEM projects from around the world to Huntsville for people to experience virtually.

The Leidos Innovation Virtual Experience, or Leidos LIVE, is a technology lab on wheels.

“This is an interactive virtual tour that we have invested in and that goes to all of our different locations in the United States,” explains Angela Pounders, head of the Leidos field office.

The first time the 53-foot trailer arrived in Huntsville was Wednesday. Visitors can explore and interact with demonstrations that bring Leidos’ projects in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life. Interactive demonstrations highlight innovations being implemented for programs stretching from Antarctica to the International Space Station.

“If you step into Leidos LIVE, you will have the opportunity to see, for example, how we protect a city during a live cyber attack,” Pounders explains. “Some of the things you’ll see here is the cancer research we’re doing, you’ll see the biggest supply chain in the world. “

Leidos LIVE demonstrations include:

  • Trek to Antarctica: Follow the world’s longest supply chain with a 360 ° virtual reality trip to Antarctica
  • IED Detection: Help protect a military convoy by disarming mines and IEDs along a dangerous route
  • Fight cancer: Immerse yourself in the cellular world to join the fight against cancer
  • Cyber ​​Defense: Help defend your city against a real-time cyber attack
  • Supplying the International Space Station (ISS): Find out what kind of cargo supports astronauts aboard the ISS

The tech lab is more than fun, it’s about inspiring the next generation. Pounders says children’s interests these days are more STEM-focused than ever. “They are very, very interested in cybertechnology, they are very interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning,” she says.

The stop for Wednesday’s visit was at Cummings Research Park in the Leidos building. The team brought the showcase to Redstone Arsenal for the public to view on Thursday.


Perry A. Thomasson