Loan for 6 months at no interest

Bayno revolution continues – 6 months 100% commission discount on all loans. The offer is for new customers. The offer applies to all loans in the amount of 50 to 425 USD, borrowing within six months from the date of registration and timely fulfillment of obligations to Bayno lender.

Check out Bayno offer

Check out Bayno offer

This allows you to take loans for 6 months at no interest on the loan.


On September 26, 2017, Dainis takes the first loan of $ 50-425 from Bayno for a 30-day term. Dainis repays the loan taken by Bayno within 30 days and is 50-425 USD and has fully paid off his liabilities to Bayno lender. Dainis returned on time exactly as he had borrowed – no interest, no commission.

Then on January 3, 2018, Dainis again takes a loan (again) at Bayno – this time 400 USD for 30 days. After 30 days, Dainis returns 400 USD on time and has thus fully paid back his obligations.

In this way, Dainis can take an unlimited amount of credit at Bayno within six months and always return only the amount he had borrowed on time.

About Offer! The key is to have the credit taken out within six months of the customer’s registration date . You can only have one active credit at a time. In order to receive the next loan as part of the campaign, it is necessary to fulfill your obligations in full – without delay.

Fast credit on the internet is a handy solution for a variety of situations

Fast credit on the internet is a handy solution for a variety of situations

Fast credit on the internet is useful in a variety of unplanned situations where you need your money urgently. When making such a loan, it is possible to get the required amount of money in about 10 – 15 minutes. The number of non-bank lenders continues to grow – on the one hand, it offers a wide range of options for borrowers, and on the other, it may take quite a bit of time to gather information to understand which is the fastest online credit. However, Bayno lender will help you to borrow more profitable for 6 months if you qualify for the promotion immediately.

Quick loans have several advantages

Quick loans have several advantages

  • They are relatively convenient and quick to process on the Internet;
  • No credit is required for securing a loan;
  • You can consult a credit specialist;
  • You can see your loan repayment schedule and other important information in your profile.
  • Promotions, loyalty programs and more.

Additional terms and conditions for Bayno promotion

loan interest

  1. The offer is only valid for new customers borrowing within six months from the date of registration.
  2. Up to $ 425 loan for new clients.
  3. Discounts offered under this promotion are only valid for customers who fulfill their obligations on time.

Author: Marcus Saliba