Love Live Virtual School Idol Project Will Debut In Fall 2022

A new love live Virtual School Idol Multimedia Project will be launched in the fall of 2022. There is a short trailer on its official Youtube channel. However, other than the basic premise, there’s no information on exactly how things look and evolve. Due to the name “Virtual School Idol”, it is possible for the girls to work as VTubers rather than traditional idols.

According to official site for the Love Live! Virtual School Idol project, it will take place over a year (365 days). During this time, content such as video streams, magazines, CDs, live events, and mobile apps will appear. Rather than focusing on the past Love live! idols, it looks like it will feature new characters and cast members.

The love live franchise is a series involving multiple forms of media. Besides TV series and games, there are also manga series and CDs. There are also collaborations between its characters and other properties. For example, in 2021, the Japanese Love Live School Idol Festival mobile game features a collaboration event featuring characters from the Character series.

love live Virtual School Idol will debut in fall 2022. More information will appear in the future.

Perry A. Thomasson