MeetMo selected to produce a virtual interactive experience for Cine Gear Expo attendees

With COVID-19 and its variants forcing live events to rethink their approach to programming, Cine Gear Expo, the premier event for the tech, entertainment and media industries, turned to MeetMo, which collaborates with Expo on a hyper creative solution that will virtualize the physical experience of the show for remote participants.

Remote attendees will be able to participate in a fully immersive experience during the Expo, which runs September 24-25 virtually from the Los Angeles Convention Center. The 360-degree multi-channel experiences produced by MeetMo will include exhibits, presentations of new products and services, free seminars from industry leaders, master classes, film competitions and an awards ceremony.

Cine Gear Expo is the largest and most important event of its kind in the United States and annually attracts more than 16,000 attendees from more than 60 countries, giving artists and technicians the opportunity to experience cutting-edge technology.

“MeetMo was contacted by Cine Gear Expo to provide a solution with our remote collaboration platform, which has been used by some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies, studios and independent productions,” said Johan Romero , Chief Technology Officer of MeetMo. “Due to time constraints and COVID, MeetMo decided to change the traditional streaming format from broadcasting to personalized interactive and two-way user experiences in real time, using our native cloud platform. “

Romero said MeetMo will use 5G and private cellular for two-way broadcasting. This allows production to be wireless throughout the living room without being affected by the congestion of thousands of other cellular subscribers.

MeetMo will connect the highest quality American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) and International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) remote presentations with ultra-low latency. These full-power, wireless presentations are made possible through MeetMo and Sony’s partnership on creating a fully integrated, wireless live collaboration system. Using the Sony Xperia Pro’s direct HDMI input – the only one in the world – from the MeetMo platform, it is possible to capture, stream and share from anywhere in the world with any team on the planet.

Most wireless operations only work between 100 feet and a maximum of 3000 feet and are not effective at transmitting through buildings and densely saturated wireless signals. MeetMo’s integrated solutions with Sony enable an all-in-one encoder, streaming solution and cellular and wifi link.

In other words, Romero said, the technology that goes into production is much more involved than the average Zoom appeal.

“Together with our partners at MeetMo, we are proud to offer online access to visitors from all over the world,” said Juliane Grosso, General Manager and Director of Cine Gear Expo. “During event hours, guests can log into the Cine Gear website and experience the show firsthand. Through the portal, one can surf the exhibitions, have the opportunity to view material, ask questions via the chat function, attend the main seminars that take place during the live event and watch the screenings. the finalists of the film competition and the results of the after-party with the winners. ”

MeetMo simplifies remote collaboration and video production for content creators. Its cloud native platform efficiently connects the highest quality teams with ultra-low latency – anytime, anywhere in the world, allowing users to extend video villages beyond a set. close.

While other video conferencing platforms are designed to share business plans and spreadsheets, MeetMo was designed and built specifically for the creative process, which demands the highest resolution, real-time collaboration, ease of use and fast, efficient, wireless connectivity.

Appreciated and trusted by industry leaders, MeetMo’s technology allows users to stream through any camera to anyone, from a nearby location to thousands of miles away. Teams of two to 100 people can collaborate simultaneously in real time beyond any video conferencing application or wireless technology.

Users can create an entire ecosystem of virtual production offices, including producers, writers and costume rooms, as well as panel rooms tailored to the needs of a production. In addition, users can create personalized experiences to drive a brand attached to production.

In other words, MeetMo doesn’t just facilitate remote production; it uses remote production to push boundaries, test concepts in real time and explore the potential of true mobility.

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