My Virtual Director Coach helps shape retirement plans

DES MOINES, Iowa – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – A coach knows the rules, teaches the games and helps the team succeed. This is exactly the purpose of My Virtual Coach, a new interactive resource from the Main Financial Group®. It helps people see the big picture so they can make informed and successful decisions about their retirement savings for the future.

My virtual coach is a personalized enrollment and education experience for members of The Principal’s pension plan®. The solution works by having an interactive web conversation with individuals and infusing a little humor and fun along the way. It takes the often overwhelming topic of retirement savings and simplifies it using visuals and a laid back tone of a human voice.

In less than 10 minutes, the resource guides participants through scenarios and enables them to take immediate action throughout the registration process. The mobile-friendly solution is aimed at all employees, especially millennials, who want to receive information anytime, anywhere. It complements the new hiring process for pension plans of all sizes, including employers with remote workers or nationwide locations.

“From our work with millions of plan members, we know that people want to make good choices, but they don’t always know what action to take. People who know more are more confident and confident people make good decisions, ”said Jerry Patterson, senior vice president of retirement and income solutions at The Principal. “It’s this simple logic that guides how we empower individuals to think longer term about their life and how they want to live it in retirement, and in a way that isn’t boring. nor overwhelming.

The advanced technology behind My Virtual Coach is designed to help employers explain complex information to their employees. The program offers hands-on assistance and support throughout the decision-making process.

“My Virtual Coach is a real game-changer in the retirement arena because of its level of personalization, regardless of the size of the plan,” Patterson said. “By providing a personalized human experience, we tackle powerful behavioral barriers that prevent us from starting to save in the first place. ”

My Virtual Coach is the latest enhancement to the online participant experience and an extension of Main®
, a workplace retirement preparation approach that includes capabilities and services designed to help improve the functioning of pension plans for plan members and sponsors. Principal PlanWorks is made up of three key elements – plan design, member experience, and strategic metrics – to help achieve successful retirement outcomes.

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