Protocube Reply – Virtual Interactive Showroom Solution

Protocube Reply presents its Virtual Interactive Showroom solution for the virtualization of environments and products

Protocube Reply, the Reply Group company specializing in the creation of virtual environments, is now making its Virtual Interactive Showroom solution available to virtualize environments and products for the B2C and B2B markets.

Thanks to the potential offered by 3D technology, the solution enables efficient digital transposition of objects and events traditionally required by physical interaction – such as exhibition venues, trade shows and consumer products – and aims to meet the needs of new opportunities and forms of business. described by the businesses and customers who have been most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Virtual Interactive Showroom is aimed in particular at operators and players in the trade fair sector thanks to its high level of involvement and engagement with customers and visitors (buyers, retailers, end customers). The solution enables the seamless exploration of virtual environments, either on their own or with the support of remote operators, which replicate physical experiences such as shopping in showrooms or attending events and trade shows.

Among the many features offered by the solution, let us mention: the creation of 3D virtual or photographic environments, navigation from a mobile or a PC, co-navigation of video-chat services, management of connections and reservations, real-time visualization of 3D and AR products and product wishlists.

Recently, the adoption of the Virtual Interactive Showroom solution enabled the launch of the first fully digital textile fair in Italy, the Bsamply Tradeshow Project, in which the main suppliers of the Italian textile district will participate.

Protocube Reply - Virtual Interactive Showroom Solution

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Perry A. Thomasson