Put aside the shame with loans with ASNEF online

Defaulter. The simple word already sounds bad and even more so if we add the fact that it entails a series of negative consequences that can affect us in different areas. For example, we can socially feel very embarrassed to have outstanding debts and because our name is inscribed in a list of defaults. At the financial level, we can still feel more frustrated since any bank rejects in a fulminating way any request for financing that we do with defaults. However, both the Internet and the private equity financiers recently arrived in Spain have changed the landscape. With them we can currently contract loans with ASNEF online, so we can save ourselves from submitting outstanding debts to request financing.

Internet helps and streamlines requests for financing with defaults

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing aspects we can get when asking for loans with ASNEF, RAI, etc. is the fact that we have to face a commercial face to face. The “what will think” of our situation can throw us back to the point that we dare not apply for the loan. However, with the loans with ASNEF online we can forget about having to face each other face to face to request financing.

Very flexible financing with low amounts that do not exceed € 750 and that we can contract entirely from home or from any place where we have a device with an Internet connection. Convenience and access to customer service with these loans online.

Credits with online and agile ASNEF that use new technologies

A laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, a fixed computer … any of these devices will be valid to request and contract credits with ASNEF online. We only need an Internet connection. In addition, the whole process is much faster, requires less paperwork and, as is logical, will not lead to any kind of physical displacement or have to endure the traditional waiting.

On the other hand, we must also know that if processes are already fast and require few procedures, every day there are more innovations and services linked to new technologies that improve everything related to the management and granting of loans with ASNEF online. For example, many of the lenders that offer to finance with online defaults work with Instantor or Pich, which are platforms that are responsible for the verification of bank data automatically.

With either of these two services, the lender in question will be able to see immediately how our credit profile is (they will check the movements of the last months and evaluate the risk of the request in a much faster way .) We do not have to worry about our account, that although the entity of loans with ASNEF online will not be able to realize any type of operation with our account.

Author: Marcus Saliba