Raffles Singapore’s New Virtual Interactive Game Will Help You Beat Zoom Fatigue

Over the past year, the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the global travel industry has challenged hotels around the world to devise creative ways to engage past and future guests remotely.

Raffles Hotel Singapore answered the call (and more) with a completely original experience this spring. Earlier this month, he unveiled a one-of-a-kind virtual interactive piece, “The Curious Case of the Missing Peranakan Treasure,” an intriguing thriller set against the epic backdrop of Singapore’s iconic Grand Lady. Until June 30, viewers can participate in the mystery wherever they are or immerse themselves in its twists and turns on the property through experiences exclusive to the legendary hotel.

Viewers assume the role of detective, tasked with solving the riddle of Peranakan’s treasure – a priceless silver jewelry box and the centerpiece of a fictional on-site exhibit, whose nocturnal disappearance from its lobby perch triggers the events. which ensue. After brief introductions to the cast of characters – the secrets of which are revealed as the action unfolds – you’ll piece together clues as you explore the hotel’s hallowed halls amid overheard conversations and revealing flashbacks.

The show, written by award-winning playwright Jean Tay and directed by critically acclaimed actor / director Hossan Leong, skillfully weaves the incomparable story and sparkling grandeur of the Raffles into the narrative. By clicking on the highlighted dots on the property map, you’ll observe conversations between the characters in a range of elegant rooms and public spaces, including the Writers Bar, the Sir Stamford Raffles Presidential Suite, and even the cages of ‘service staircase. The objects in the scenes – a grand piano, a bottle of liquor, a palm tree – sparkle and shine in invitation; with another click, you’re instantly transported 50 years back to glean the details of a story – involving cursed romance and other fateful events – that spawned a similar theft and set the stage for the current action.

Limited-time ‘daycation’ and ‘staycation’ packages celebrate the production, tempting guests with an actual tour of the 19e-the landmark of the century. After your virtual step into history from the comfort of one of the hotel’s lavish suites, you’ll leave your computer behind and check out across the property to unearth missing loot. the path.

Those who manage to solve the mystery (hint: it’s harder than you might think) can win prizes ranging from electronic vouchers for the Raffles store to nifty merchandise to a chic and timeless afternoon tea for two in the great hall. All successful mystery solvers also earn a chance to win an overnight stay in a charming Palm Court Suite.

Shot entirely on location at Raffles Hotel Singapore, the virtual theatrical experience combines immersive 360-degree views, surround sound, and augmented reality choice-based capabilities that let you decide the sequence of the story unfolding, all skillfully assembled by a technology company Xctualité. Tickets cost $ 38; visit SISTIC and the hotel website for details.

Perry A. Thomasson