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SAN DIEGO, January 6, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The San Diego Virtual School (SDVS) now gives students valuable credit for time spent at work. The new Work Education Experience class is a dynamic addition to the courses offered by the personalized distance learning institution serving high school and high school students in San Diego County.

Students can earn 5 elective credits through this class, which meets virtually once a week. Registration is open to students aged 16 or over or in grade 11 or 12; Special education students who may have work experience identified in an Individual Education Plan (IEP) are also eligible. Students must have permission to take the course, and they must also work an average of 10 hours per week for a minimum of 18 weeks (180 hours in total).

SDVS, student and employer work together to coordinate an experience that prepares students for adult life, says director Diahann Mathis.

“Students in this class will learn the necessary life skills,” she says. “Topics that will be covered include taxes, bank accounts, labor laws, job projections, resumes and more. The San Diego Virtual School provides students with a safe and conducive environment for a deep learning, and the Work Education Experience class is a wonderful addition to our academic courses as well as our Career and Technical Education Pathways program. Our course offerings all work together to help launch our students into a prosperous future. “

Established in 2010, SDVS’s continuing mission is to help students develop necessary academic and life skills. An online approach gives students more flexibility, opportunities, and a more positive learning environment than is typical in a traditional classroom. Experienced, specialized California-qualified teachers provide online courses in six areas: English, mathematics, science, foreign languages, social sciences, and physical and health education. These educators use several technological modalities to present the lessons, including video, audio, screen sharing, and interactive tutorials. Students thrive with the constant, live support of their teachers while studying an invigorating program.

Traditionally serving military families, advanced learners, struggling students, student-athletes or artists, health-related distance learners, and employed students, SDVS is available to any local student, over the age of 18. or less. SDVS is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), endorsed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and meets University of california Admission requirements for the AG course.

Families who want more information can fill out a brief online form at A representative from the school will contact them for the next steps.

About the San Diego Virtual School:

The San Diego Virtual School, a personalized education facility, provides distance learning opportunities for high school and high school students residing in San Diego County. Their innovative approach involves caring teachers, high quality lessons, flexible access, proven technology, constant support, essential life skills and a true high school diploma.

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