Stratford Public Library Introduces Three New Virtual Services


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Stratford Public Library is expanding online access to three of its services, including its 3D printing and vinyl cutting labs, while remaining physically closed to visitors during the current closure.

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“The jaded of winter is bad enough not to end the pandemic,” Deputy Library Director Wendy Hicks said in a press release on Friday, “but Stratford Public Library offers you new opportunities to connect, explore and learn. “

Stratford residents looking for creative ways to spend their time at home will be interested to know that these opportunities include the Library’s MakerSpace, which brings more of its programs online thanks to a new sponsor, Perth Community Futures. Appointments for the library’s 3D printing and vinyl cutting labs are available now for those who want to learn new software, work on a project, or send in designs to be printed by MakerSpace staff.

Readers who feel like they are running out of good books can now turn to a librarian for suggestions or simply request a bag of titles to pick up from the curb. Reading and viewing preferences that librarians can use to customize recommendations can be sent to the library through its website.

In addition, more than 3,000 glossy magazines have recently been added to the list of documents that the Stratford Public Library has. available for download. These, along with a variety of eBooks and audiobooks, can be accessed with a library card on their website or the popular Libby app.


Perry A. Thomasson