Strike Services has created an accredited, non-traditional virtual school option for K-12 students

strike school serves families at national scale as children learn safely at home.

OREGON CITY, Oregon., August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sources indicate that up to 63% of students were home-schooled in the 20-21 school year and this trend continues to rise. Families need flexibility and a variety of options.


Here’s what you’ll find at Strike School:

  • A personalized plan for each student how they learn best and centered on the interests of the child
  • The highest quality teachers, each serving as a learning coach to work alongside each student and their family
  • Flexibility to know when, how and what each child learns – the school must respect your family’s schedule
  • Tailor-made assessments student progress
  • Choice starting as low as $80 per month
  • A care office staff to answer all questions with quick response times
  • The best online learning platform which is easy to use and meets national standards
  • Virtual school-wide eventsincluding fun assemblies, a spirit week and a celebration of learning
  • Participation in National School Choice Week
  • A digital phone book published at the end of each school year
  • Official school records, including high school transcripts and a diploma after graduation
  • Virtual, interactive graduation ceremony

The founders of Strike School, Jay Hockensmith and Shahla Lodhiedreamed in 2020 of serving children and families in a way personal, meaningful and flexible. Strike School reflects their personal beliefs:

“We believe that the foundation of a healthy community is built on strong and healthy family units. It is our privilege to make a difference in the lives of families and our honor to serve children and families in their educational journeys. We believe that every parent or guardian has the right to make their own choice, especially when considering the upbringing of a child, in accordance with their own family values.”

Mission of the strike school: Provide a variety of solutions for K-12 students and their families in a personal, flexible, and efficient virtual school environment.

Vision of the strike school: Facilitate the long-term success of families with children learning in a non-traditional environment.

Join us for school year 22-23 and experience something really differentwhere are the children learn safely at home and that of your family values ​​are respected.

contact us today (call or text) 503.313.2461 or email [email protected].
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