SuperDinero: First financial platform for Latinos living in the United States

SuperDinero is the first Latin financial platformoffering bilingual financial counseling and credit solutions for Latinos in all 50 states.

Even though in 2020, the Spanish-speaking population of the United States reached 62.1 million, 12% of this population does not have a bank account or use any type of financial product according to the latest FDIC investigation. This is mainly due to the lack of information or services in Spanish.

“As soon as I moved to the United States, being Latino and having Spanish as my first language, I realized how little financial information there was in Spanish. That is why after obtaining a diploma in finance from an American university, having some experience in digital marketing, I decided to use this finance knowledge to help the Spanish speaking community States CEO and founder of SuperDinero, Jonathan W.

Thus was born SuperDinero, one of the first platforms to offer financial services and alternatives to Latinos in the United States.

In SuperDinero it is possible to find free financial help and advice in Spanish and English. It allows you to find different financial solutions, even for undocumented. All this regardless of whether a credit score is good, bad or non-existent.

“SuperDinero was born to be a free resource for the Latino community living in the United States to find solutions to their financial problems.” Says the CEO of SuperDinero.

Here’s how SuperDinero works:

SuperDinero is a great option to use for someone who prefers to save time when comparing different loan options. Its platform allows users to compare different loan offers in one place and in the language of their choice, be it Spanish or English.

SuperDinero is not a pawnbroker, so it has no bias towards either loan option.

Quite the contrary, the platform focuses on offering a network of different lenders, so that customers can compare options and achieve a healthy financial situation by receiving free financial advice to help them choose the option that best suits their credit profile and migration status.

The best part is that it is absolutely free. No hidden fees!

Another great advantage of SuperDinero’s platform is that sensitive information provided by customers is always only shared with the entity to which they wish to apply.

This means that customers are always safe and know who is receiving and viewing this information (even SuperDinero’s platform does not have access to this data) since it is sent and delivered through an encrypted platform.

Services offered by SuperDinero:

The platform offers all kinds of financial products for latinos such as:

– Credit card
– Personal loans
– Debt Consolidation
– Car loans
– Business loans
– Mortgages
– And even car insurance

Additionally, through the platform, users can check their credit score and gain access to exclusive and completely free credit history repair assistance.

All this free financial advice is made possible thanks to the partnership established with more than 100 loan sharks this allow the customer to compare and choose between several different options without wasting time and risking having to choose a less than ideal loan option that would put their finances at risk (eg a payday loan).

In addition, SuperDinero offers weekly tips for Latinos residing in the United States so that they are knowledgeable about managing their personal and professional finances wisely while living in the country.

Process to apply for SuperDinero:

To contact them, customers have two options:

1. Call: 855-221-2006
2. E-mail: [email protected]

In both cases, a financial advisor will assist users and explain the different options available for their financial process.

Customers can also compare options online. Simply either:

Choose the type of financial assistance they needentering information that will help build the profile and select the best available options for their case (takes about 2 minutes).
– Compare the recommended options according to their profile and their needs.
– Apply online to the companies of their choice.

Users will receive an immediate response to their request and will receive the money in their bank account within the next 24 working hours.

If their application is denied or if they are not satisfied with the terms of the selected option, customers can always choose to continue to compare options or request assistance to restore their credit score, so that after at least 30 days, they may be able to find better options.

SuperDinero was founded in 2016 and has awarded over $20 million in funds to over 200,000 customers across the United States, helping the Spanish-speaking community, regardless of status or need, gain access to affordable loans to help their finances.

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