Tahoe Construction Season Updates: Digging and Earthmoving Has Resumed, Agency Improves Virtual Services

With the start of the grading and digging season on May 1 in the Tahoe Basin now past, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency highlights how virtual operations and streamlining permits this construction season will help customer service while achieving regional environmental goals.

The challenges of the past two years have resulted in improved services at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, including an appointment system, virtual meetings, and online and virtual site inspections, the agency said. Improved efficiency helped planners process a record 1,156 permit applications in 2021, more than 75% of which were submitted entirely online. These permit applications lead to more properties implementing water quality and other environmental improvements that benefit the region.

Applicants can also often obtain a Tahoe Regional Planning Agency permit from their local building or planning department, which further streamlines construction projects.

To support the appointment system and virtual services, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is redesigning its front office in Stateline, Nevada to add more one-on-one meeting space and improve accessibility. Counter service will be replaced by appointments with a scheduler, pre-application consultations, online submissions and virtual services, according to the agency. During the front office redesign, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is open and serving customers by email, phone, and by appointment.

The agency also reminds Lake Tahoe landowners that the grading and digging season for permitted projects began May 1 and continues through October 15. Grading projects are limited to the driest months to protect Lake Tahoe water quality from erosion and sediment sources the world famous clarity of the lake. Working in dry conditions prevents loose soil and mud from running off project sites, into creeks and ultimately Lake Tahoe.

Not all digging work requires a permit. Homeowners can move up to three cubic meters of soil if the site is stabilized to prevent erosion. More information is available at trpa.gov/applications-forms under Grading.

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency leads the cooperative effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the Lake Tahoe region’s unique natural and human environment, while enhancing local communities and people’s interactions with our irreplaceable environment.

Source: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

Perry A. Thomasson