Take part in the interactive virtual volunteer training: plan your vote, especially yours, Saturday, October 10, 2020, 1:00 PM | Advertisement

You are invited to join the Lincoln Park Historical Foundation and the City of Rockville (Elections) in supporting our efforts to reach out to voters, volunteers and Voter Registrars.

Your support will be greatly appreciated and welcome if you register with your name / organization and encourage members of your faith and community organizations, network, family and friends to share and sign up for the free interactive virtual volunteer training. , Saturday October 10, 1:00 p.m.:


During this interactive volunteer training, we will help you:

  • Plan your vote.
  • Checking your voting status online.
  • Vote by (mail, drop box or in person).
  • Request and return your ballot.
  • Make sure all votes are counted.
  • Understand the electoral college (delegates).
  • Secure your route to the polls.




Contact for more information:

Anita Neal Powell, Lincoln Park Historical Foundation, email: [email protected], p. 301.674.1644

Sara Taylor-Ferrell, City of Rockville, Elections, email: [email protected], p. 240.314.8286

Provided by the Lincoln Park Historical Foundation

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Perry A. Thomasson