“Tall Tales with Kyle J” Offers Virtual, Interactive Storytelling For Kids: Rutgers-Camden Campus News

By Tom McLaughlin

Want to read a book? Better yet, how about playing one?

The Rutgers – Camden Center for the Arts (RCCA) invites kids to join everyone’s favorite storyteller, Kyle Jakubowski, for “Tall Tales with Kyle J” – a series of virtual and interactive storytelling sessions – all summer long.

Jakubowski, who graduated from Rutgers-Camden in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in theater and music, weaves his delicious word magic and captivates preschoolers through interactive storytelling. This year, kids can go online virtually, making the fun easier than ever.

“Tall Tales with Kyle J” airs live from 10:30 am to 11 am Thursday through September 3 on the Camden County Library Facebook page, thanks to the RCCA’s partnership with Nilsa I. Cruz branch -Perez downtown from the library.

Each 30-minute weekly session includes three stories, which children help tell through calls and responses, creative movement and other means that enable engaged learning and encourage love of words and interest. for reading.

Although the stories are inspired by some of our favorite children’s books, Jakubowski only uses voice, movement, props and imagination to bring the stories to life. Children are given a list of household accessories each week that they can use to track.

The list of props for the third session, which will be held on Thursday, July 30, is as follows:

The fox and the raven

  • A sly smile
  • A beautiful singing voice
  • Grapes (or cheese, or even an apple; something a bird could eat from a branch)

The bear who shared

  • A picture of a big tree in your head
  • A squeaky mouse voice
  • An apple or a pear or something round that could be an apple

Caps for sale

  • Hats and caps for your head
  • Stuffed animals that “borrow” the caps (animals that might hang out in a tree: monkeys, birds, squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, bears or whatever you have)
  • Loud snoring

Sessions one and two can be viewed on the RCCA YouTube page. The accessory lists are as follows:

First session

The frog that wanted to shine

  • A pot
  • A “long tongue”

Seals on the bus

  • Something round
  • Gloves
  • Something long

Clic, Clac, Moo: typing cows

  • A blanket or two
  • Something to type

Second session

Gregory, the terrible eater

  • List of foods you don’t like to eat
  • Something you could use as a plate
  • Newspaper or magazine

Giraffes canDance

  • An awesome dance step or two
  • Space to move a little
  • A few different laughs
  • Cool sunglasses

The fable of the bear and the raven

  • Bags to wear on your feet
  • A saucepan or bucket to wear on your head
  • Your favorite hat
  • A tie or something fancy that you could easily take off (a nice hat, shiny shoes)

The RCCA also invites children to tune in to its YouTube page for MAGIC Mondays, a weekly summer series on the art of magic and performance featuring magician and elementary STEM teacher Ed “Magic Ed” Pietrzak, until August 10. Magic Ed educates while entertaining with amazing tricks using recycled materials and common household items. Each episode features a hands-on workshop revealing secrets and teaching children and families how to do some magic at home. Check out the RCCA’s YouTube page for past performances, including Episode 1: Virtual Magic with Recycled Materials.

For more information, contact Miranda Powell at [email protected]

Perry A. Thomasson