Telus Health expands MyCare virtual services in Quebec

Telus has announced that it is expanding its Telus Health MyCare virtual consultation service to Quebec. Those who have a Telus Health MyCare account and need mental health counseling can speak remotely with bilingual, provincially-licensed counselors.

As part of the announcement, Telus unveiled a study that revealed that 20% of the Quebec population (1 in 5 people) will suffer from a mental illness during their lifetime. The National Institute of Public Health of Quebec states that less than half of people who experience a mental illness in their lifetime consult a professional.

“Now, more than ever, people need accessible and convenient mental health support to live their healthiest and best lives. We provide simple, direct access to caring mental health professionals. From everyday challenges to more serious conditions, we help you take control of your mental well-being,” said Chris Engst, general manager of consumer health, Telus Health.

Telus also shared that half of Canadians have been waiting up to a month for counseling services since the pandemic began. This was taken from data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, which also indicates that 1 in 10 waited longer than four months.

Quebec residents can now download the Telus Health MyCare app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once installed, a free account can be created. This allows users to book appointments with doctors, counselors, and dietitians through video consultations. In Quebec, appointments are made in French or English, depending on preference.

Once an account is created, a session can be reserved for $120 plus tax. Telus states that all MyCare sessions are held by experienced counsellors. Each session lasts 50 minutes and most are covered by supplemental health insurance plans.

Telus also recently announced a healthcare initiative in Calgary to help the homeless.

Source: Telus

Perry A. Thomasson