TSL Products organizes a virtual and interactive showcase to highlight new products

TSL Products will highlight its latest product developments in audio monitoring, control systems and power solutions with a virtual and interactive showcase. The new digital platform will allow customers to visit a virtual representation of TSL’s trade show booth, with access to product demonstrations and exclusive interviews, as well as the ability to speak live with product specialists via a bespoke configuration based on TSL’s Marlow desk. .

“We were very much looking forward to getting together in person with broadcast industry professionals at NAB this year,” said Mark Davies, Director of Products and Technology at TSL Products. “Although we will no longer be meeting in person, our customers will still be able to engage with TSL and explore our latest product releases with this new hybrid platform.”

Throughout the pandemic, TSL has maintained its R&D investments to ensure its product offerings meet the latest needs of the broadcast industry. By updating its proven and reliable solutions, including its advanced broadcast control solutions, SAM-Q audio monitoring platform and MPA1 audio monitors, TSL is ready to equip broadcasters with increasingly flexible and reliable.

TSL’s advanced control offering now offers integrated, distributed control delegation and system interface, as well as universal functions such as router, pointing and device control. Delivered through a modular, node-based offering that streamlines operations, TSL’s exceptional standalone control solutions can also complement third-party control platforms. With this proven approach, TSL can provide an extremely cost-effective option for broadcasters and facilities looking to tailor a control layer to their needs, without significant setup costs or maintenance contracts.

TSL’s virtual control demonstration will include an interactive exploration of how virtual control panels can be used to simplify operations in a range of applications, including OB vans, studios, conference rooms and chains transmission. This will be supported by TSL’s range of universal panels, which can be integrated into any existing system or operate independently to achieve interface, key mapping and/or push button triggers.

As audio monitoring evolves into networked and next-generation platforms and experiences for viewers, lines are blurring between traditional I/O-driven boxes and software-driven solutions. TSL’s latest innovations in audio monitoring have been custom-designed to meet the latest demands of the broadcast industry.

In the showcase, customers will see a working demonstration of the new SAM-Q-NET, which combines the cost-effectiveness of deploying 1Gig/E devices within ST-2110 networks, along with tight integration with control systems via in-band and out-of-band control, using NMOS and a RESTful API. Customers will also be able to self-demo TSL’s PAM-IP and MPA1 Mix DANTE audio monitoring solutions.

TSL’s power range will also be on display during the virtual showcase, alongside TSL’s new Horizontal Base Unit, Virtual PDU and Insight software. Guests will learn the importance of effective management of energy consumption in all facilities, enabling increased sustainability through cost-effective solutions.

Perry A. Thomasson