Clockwise: Dr. Sujatha Reddy, Director of Ayurveda, Certified Mental Health Counselor, Dr. Renee Mehrra, Facilitator, Civic Leader, Board of Directors of the American Association of Ayurveda Professionals, Ms. Farrah Mozzawala, Executive Director of Asian American Affairs Office, Nassau County, Indu Jaiswal RDN CDN President IAF, Beena Kothari Executive Member IAF

LONG ISLAND, NY (TIP): On the evening of September 24, IAF members and community leaders joined the ZOOM call for a special interactive discussion on an important topic that affects most of us at some point in time. our life. Distinguished panelists, moderators and elite members of the American Indian community filled the screens, all gathered for one purpose: to be a part of, to understand and to accept the different ways of dealing with grief and grief, especially during the pandemic.

The program was hosted by eminent broadcaster, civic leader, community activist and board member of the American Association of Ayurvedic Professionals, Dr. Renee Mehrra, and Beena Kothari, President of GOPIO, NY. Beena Kothari delivered the welcoming speech. The IAF (Indian American Forum) led by its dynamic president, Ms. Indu Jaiswal spoke about the importance of holding such important sessions to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Farrah Mozzawala, Executive Director of the Nassau County Office of Asian-American Affairs, spoke about the social and mental health services and counseling offered by the county in different languages ​​to families affected during the pandemic and encouraged participants to contact her. office for any help needed by the community. She also said that there were services and resources available for the elderly in the centers for the elderly.

The second presenter was Dr Sujatha Reddy of the Humanely Lakewood Wellness Center, Doctor of Ayurveda, Certified Mental Health Counselor, Yoga and Meditation Coach. Dr. Reddy discussed various holistic techniques and strategies for dealing with grief and loss. Dr Renee Mehrra was the coordinator of this special program for the IAF.

It was a great interactive session followed by questions and answers and comments from community leaders. Indu Jaiswal thanked the distinguished panelist for his valuable contributions in the field of mental health, helping the community and responding to the social and mental needs of the community. Thanks also to Dr Renee Mehrra and Ms Beena Kothari for organizing such an important session.

(From a press release)

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