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Denver, Colorado, June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp., (OTC: VRVR) (“VRVR” or the “Company”)a multi-platform video game company is pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Sharmila H. Viswasam to its advisory board.

Ms. Viswasam is a serial entrepreneur, a licensed real estate professional in the Washington DC metro area, and an experienced marketing/public relations and business development professional. Ms Viswasam has recently drawn media attention for her newfound success as a stock trader. Her followings on Discord and other social media platforms have landed her on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, multiple appearances on Fox Business “Making Money” with host Charles Payne, and other financial news networks. Ms. Viswasam’s skills and personality will blend perfectly with the approach focused on virtual interactive technologies within the video game industry.

Ms. Viswasam said, “I am very pleased to be associated with Virtual Interactive Technologies as they are rapidly evolving to become a recognized force in the gaming industry.” She added, “I think this is a great opportunity for myself and Virtual Interactive Technologies to help showcase their unique approach to the gaming world and my unique approach on the marketing/business front. My primary focus as an advisory board member would be to help the team focus on massive growth and development within the company. »

Jason Garber, CEO of Virtual Interactive Technologies, said, “We are very pleased to welcome Ms. Viswasam to our advisory board. He added. “His infectious energy, unique perspective and demonstrated ability to thrive in challenging environments will be a great addition to our advisory board.”

About Virtual Interactive Technologies Corp.

Virtual Interactives Technologies Corp. ( is a video game production, publishing and technology company based in Denver, Colorado. The company currently has a portfolio of five video game titles including: Carmageddon MaxDamage, Carmageddon Crashers, Interplanetary Improved Edition, Worbital, and Catch & Release VR. The Company develops video game projects to be released on various popular game platforms with a focus on mobile games, virtual reality and other new and emerging game technologies. We seek to team up with existing game developers as well as offer our own expertise in developing solutions, publishing and marketing video game products. We constantly strive to find ways to reinvest our royalty revenue streams into the growth of our royalty deals and our intellectual property in the video game industry.

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