Virtual school wants to see students outside of ZOOM every week

DOTHAN, Alabama (WTVY) – Virtual learning is the new normal for some students, but sometimes it is necessary to work in person with a teacher.

Students walk directly into Dothan Virtual School on Wednesdays for face-to-face learning.

They call it “WINS-day” which means “What I need to be successful”.

Marsha Nowell, Media Specialist at Dothan Virtual School, explains: “The idea behind ‘what I need to be successful’ is to give students the opportunity to just ask questions, sometimes to their teachers in person, to get teachers to solve problems for them while they’re sitting there with them, or maybe to work with a small group of two or three students at a time.

Teachers are happy to interact with students outside of ZOOM sessions.

“I love meeting my kids and it’s just nice to love, now being able to see them face to face and it gets bigger every week, we have more and more kids so we hope it becomes more important”, says Chris Manasco, science teacher at Dothan Virtual School.

DVS offers in-person tutoring, small group instruction, and science labs for students who decide to take advantage of asynchronous Wednesdays.

“I think it’s good to have social interaction. It also helps build that relationship between teacher and student, ”Nowell continues. “So it’s good to give them this opportunity.”

Students can schedule personal appointments to meet teachers outside of Wednesdays if they choose to do so.

“In addition, we are available digitally during office hours, so if a child wants to meet with us one-on-one, as most of the time we meet with the whole class, we can meet that student one-on-one. . one too, and have time for tutoring or help or sometimes they just want to talk, ”concludes Manasco.

It is not mandatory to enter Dothan Virtual, but the school hopes to see all of its students in person on Wednesday.

The school currently has around 400 students in grades 7 through 12.

Open registrations start again in January 2022.

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Perry A. Thomasson